Brooks Wicker: Dumber Than We Thought Possible

Wow, Brooks Wicker, John Yarmuth’s Republican opponent, is a lot dumber than we thought.

From his latest email blast where he attempts to “fact check” Yarmuth:

Also during the KET Debate, John Yarmuth said seniors would not see a reduction in Medicare Advantage benefits under the Affordable Care Act.


Mr. Yarmuth doesn’t seem to understand that cutting funding to Medicare Advantage will decrease the number of seniors covered. He can’t cut funding then promise more seniors better coverage. The math doesn’t add up.

Unfortunately, Wicker is lying through his teeth yet again.

Medicare Advantage is not Medicare. It’s an additional service that seniors buy on top of or to replace traditional Medicare. It’s a flat-out lie to claim seniors will lose Medicare coverage if something that is not Medicare disappears.

The funding being “cut” is a subsidy being paid to insurance companies to provide Medicare Advantage. Which is, again, not Medicare.

It doesn’t really matter, as Wicker will lose harder than Anne Northup ever did. But you’d think these hacks would learn to be a bit honest with something that is so important to thousands upon thousands of seniors.

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