Hear A Local Teevee Guy Lose His Marbles Live

Occasionally during an incident where the media is present, a reporter or camera person will lose their marbles, get super-egotistical and treat emergency workers or fellow media folks with absolute disrespect.

Like this incident a few minutes ago:


We can only assume it was someone with WLKY who needs an attitude adjustment. Because this is local teevee, not Good Morning America.

What Is David Jones Spending All His Money On?

Things like these generic, over-produced mail pieces:





Fun fact? All kinds of people who don’t live in the 2nd District are receiving his campaign material (that’s how we got our hands on them).

Jones may well be the best man for the job but one wonders if he actually believes he’s just a man of the people. Or if the average voter in the 2nd District believes a guy sitting on tens of millions of dollars can comprehend the needs and desires of the average working class student.

One also has to wonder how his close ties to Donna Hargens will be overlooked or if they’re a potential conflict of interest. For those unaware: Jones was sending letters back and forth, having meetings and working with others a few months ago when all the JCPS scandals broke out over bad hirings and such. He was also attempting to get his friend – who we will not name out of courtesy – a sweet gig. They deserved the job but this sort of thing has raised our eyebrow since he announced his candidacy.

Possibility City.

Jeffersonville Has Turned Into A Corrupt, Hot Mess

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

Another day, another senseless shooting in Louisville. Meanwhile, the entire city turns a blind eye to violence. [WDRB]

Wondering why low income people suffering in mold-infested apartments are ignored? Because of photo ops like this one. [C-J/AKN]

A mentally challenged woman says she is recovering after teenagers attacked her and hit her in the head with a baseball bat. She says the whole thing started over a cell phone. [WHAS11]

The Kentucky Commission on Tax Reform is planning to ask for an extension. That’s according to commission chair and Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson, who says there are too many options for reforming the state tax code to fully consider by the November 15th deadline. [WFPL]

New details about the cleanup of a train derailment and hazardous material spill in southwest Jefferson County were released Tuesday afternoon. [WLKY]

For the first time, 2-year-old horses at this weekend’s Breeders’ Cup World Championships will not be allowed to use a drug injection aimed at restricting pulmonary bleeding. [Business First]

Michael Brown, the former FEMA director infamously praised by President George W. Bush for doing a “heckuva job” during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, told a local paper that President Barack Obama acted too quickly in mobilizing relief for Superstorm Sandy. [HuffPo]

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore terminated the employment of Leah Farris, the city’s former communications director, on Friday, according to Farris’ attorney. We believe this means she refused to lie for him, as all of her communications work was exemplary with the press. [News & Tribune]

Senior Judge Martin McDonald has been removed from a death penalty case in which he threatened to strangle a lawyer who called his cellphone and referred to the lawyer’s case as “ridiculous,” “disgusting” and a “huge waste of time.” It’s about damn time. [C-J/AKN]

Way to go, Indiana rednecks. Way to go. A Halloween display in Indiana is the talk of the neighborhood. An Iraq war veteran has a display of a masked President Barack Obama hanging from a noose in his front yard. [WAVE3]

It’s Been A Year And Literally Nothing Has Changed

Greg Fischer and his people fired the Metro Parks whistleblower, retaliated against him and swept the drunk driving incident under the rug. They continue to speak poorly of said whistleblower.

The whistleblower, on the other hand, seems to be the only adult in the whole mess. Here’s a comment he left this morning:

Joey Sears // Oct 29, 2012 at 4:04 am

After 1 year. it’s still nice to see folks come to the Villevoice, posting comments, sharing facts about how things really are when it comes to working in the parks dept. as well as other Metro dept’s.

I would have never know about Jake and the Villevoice. if it wasn’t for someone I know who works in the Mayor’s office. (I will never expose who that person is.) but I’m thankful for the information. if it wasn’t for Jake and his staff. this story would have been forgotten. as well as many other stories. such a LMAS. LEMS.

I witnessed Mike Heitz doing something that I knew was unethical. unfortunately I had the bad luck of losing a job I loved. because I reported it.

As far as harboring any hard feeling towards anyone from the Parks dept . that is not my style. I still to this day promote public golf in the city of Louisville. just as I did while I was working in golf.

Does that mean I will ever forget. No I will never forget the things my family and I had to endure.

As far as Mike Heitz. I can only hope that by reporting him for drinking and driving. opened his eyes, to the fact that he. in my opinion and the opinion of many others had a drinking problem. I hope he was able to face his problem and get the help he needed . I hope that after a year he and Mayor Fischer, have looked back on this. admitting that his actions could have resulted in someone losing their life. admitting that I did the right thing. that I didn’t deserve to lose my job.


Possibility City?

Whistleblower gets shit-canned, attacked, belittled, hit financially. The Parks Director who repeatedly drove drunk in a city-owned vehicle? Still on the job, not even a slap on the wrist, probably getting a raise of some sort, still treated like he didn’t abuse the trust of the taxpayer.

We’re betting that if Sears had the money to really sue Metro Government as others are currently doing, he’d win or receive a worthy settlement.

Woah, Metro Govt Is Doing Something Awesome!

For real.

Metro Government is now impounding vehicles caught in the act of illegal dumping.

The first vehicle was yanked off the streets:

“The impoundment sends a strong message to those who are dumping that Metro is serious about stopping the illegal activity,” said Councilcritter Butler. “This is a quality of life issue for neighborhoods and an economic issue for our community as well because metro spending nearly $500K per year on illegal dumping.”

LMPD charges $112 for the towing fee, $13 in administrative costs and $13 per day for storage. That’s $138 for the first day.

If only vehicles could be impounded for animal abuse, domestic violence and general asshattery.

Riffe Succeeds Despite Incompetent LMEMS Leader

Because of the “AIDS dementia” – according to Neal Richmond, head of LMEMS – it only makes sense that we’re stuck on Joe Riffe, the guy Richmond shit-canned because of a prosthetic leg.

You already know that crazy story. And you know that another ambulance service hired him up, no questions asked, because not everyone is an absentee flustercuck of a manager.

So here’s the latest from Riffe:

I’m less than a week away from orientation and getting back on the ambulance. I’m 15 months from the fall that set this path in motion and only been on my prosthetic for 7 months. I’ve been told that while in the ER I was told not to worry, I’d be back to work in no time. This was to placate me and keep me from worrying while I was healing. Then was told I could go back to work with the prosthetic in order to give me a goal to keep pushing forward. All the while, most people doubting it was possible. More frustrating was a former “boss” more concerned with either breaking me if I did succeed or trying to force me out by saying I’m incapable. To him personally I say thank you. This is the motivation I need to not only have the strength to try to return, but to succeed beyond what I thought was possible.

I’m not delusional. I know I’m charting into unknown territory. This unknown is a first for my new employer and for this region. I am expecting to have to learn quick and live up to one of my favorite sayings…Adapt and Overcome. I know I will have to adapt my technique but I have regained something most of us in the Public Safety world have lost…passion. I am more driven to succeed now than ever before. I have too many people watching me to fail. I am a example to 2 (3 on January 2) wonderful sons, I have had the pleasure of inspiring people I’ve never met through this blog, and I have the handful who are hoping I fail because they said it would happen. Part of me wants to smash this in their faces and say look at me now. I’m the “gimp” you said was finished, yet instead of airing dirty laundry, I will simply move on and show my sons how to not only have dignity, but also to have integrity.

I hope for big things from this job. This is the new springboard for my life. I am walking proof that nothing can impede determination and that can carry you further than you (or those around you) expect.

Isn’t it great to see him succeed despite the mess of the Fischer Misadministration?

It’s a shame Riffe was cast aside like garbage, as we was by Richmond. Even more of a shame that his former colleagues have to suffer without leadership.

Possibility City!

Violence Prevention Coordinator? Is That What The City Needs? Or Maybe That’s Just A Waste Of Time

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

The best/most hilarious/disgusting thing all week: Neal Richmond claiming that Jake has “AIDS dementia” in front of his staffers. It’s just a shame for him that we’ve been supplied an audio recording. Looks like we hit a serious nerve when pointing out his absenteeism and general mismanagement of a public service that sorely needs him. [Way To Go, Greg Fischer]

Thirty eight chemical industry jobs paying about $25 hourly at the Solae Louisville polymer plant are being eliminated with the closure of the Floyd Street plant. [C-J/AKN]

Jacques Barzun, a pioneering cultural historian, reigning public intellectual and longtime Ivy League professor who became a best-selling author in his 90s with the acclaimed “From Dawn to Decadence,” has died. He was 104. Our thoughts are with Matthew Barzun and his family. [HuffPo]

As the sun sets over the familiar University of Louisville silos, there is the promise of a new day. But not for the 50 employees of the Solae plant, who learned this week their days are numbered here. They’ll lose their jobs when production stops at the end of year. [WDRB]

Police are investigating a vandalism incident at a New Albany Company. “There were busted windshields, slashed tires,” John Lukes, owner of Nexgen Mold and Tool, Inc., said. [WHAS11]

Two Louisville physicians are part of a Senate Finance Committee report that creates new questions about the medical research by Medtronic Inc. and one its medical devices. [Business First]

A WLKY investigation found skyrocketing health care costs are creating a major drain on the budget of Metro Corrections. [WLKY]

Translation: The Democratic Party is paying Jennifer Moore to sue to get idiot Chris Thieneman off the ballot. Her M.O. is to go around trying to find someone to file suit any time there’s a candidate on the ballot who is not a Democrat. It has nothing to do with Perry Clark, who we all know to be constantly high and off his rocker, and everything to do with people who know Thieneman doesn’t live in the South End. [C-J/AKN]

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced Thursday that the new slip ramp from eastbound Interstate 264 (Watterson Expressway) to KY 22 (Old Brownsboro Road) is ready to open. [WAVE3]

Louisville should hire a full-time violence prevention coordinator, do more to address vacant houses and foster more economic development in west Louisville, according to a report commissioned by Mayor Greg Fischer to find ways to address violence in Louisville. [WFPL]