Thieneman Walks Right Into Campaign Finance Trap

You know what’s unfortunate for Chris Thieneman?

He can’t help putting his foot in his mouth or violating campaign finance law.

Like this:

You see, that’s what people with common sense would call vote buying. I.E., giving a potential voter something of value in exchange for their support.

KRS 121.055 (Warning: External PDF Link) says:

No candidate for nomination or election to any office shall expend, pay, promise, loan or become liable in any way for money or anything of value to any person in consideration for his or her vote.

Further, the KRS says that these (not all-inclusive) types of expenditures are not allowable:

  • Tickets to an event which is unrelated to a political campaign or candidacy
  • Tickets for general distribution for the purpose of influencing an election, either directly or indirectly
  • Items of personal property given to prospective voters which do not bear the name, likeness, or logo of a candidate or a campaign-related communication

The moral to this story: candidates and campaigns cannot give voters something of value. And perception does matter when running for office. Any intelligent opponent will be filing a complaint with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance today.

3 thoughts on “Thieneman Walks Right Into Campaign Finance Trap

  1. This is clearly a mistake. When Greg Fisher tells someone who drops out of a race he tells them he will give them SUBSTANTIAL INPUT for their endorsement it is O K .

  2. Are you kidding me, Jerry gave away MILLIONS for support!…..The Metro councilmen get free tics to Derby from CHD….I can On & ON!

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