Thieneman Does It Again, Gives Something Valuable

Chris Thieneman is apparently a fan of buying favor. Be it giving a journalist free rent or buying a vote/doing the equivalent of vote buying with free tickets and parking.

Like we told you last week, Thieneman is blatantly ignoring KRS 121.

He’s doing it again this today:

It’s not an allegation or accusation if it’s something you actually did. Thieneman, as a candidate, actually gave away something of serious value to a potential voter. Merely claiming something isn’t flying in the face of campaign finance law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky doesn’t make it so.

If he had a Democratic opponent who wasn’t constantly smoking trying to get himself some medical marijuana, maybe this would have been nipped in the, ahem, bud by now.

2 thoughts on “Thieneman Does It Again, Gives Something Valuable

  1. Would his giving these tickets to a local charitable organization, possibly for a fundraiser, have been permitted?

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