Not Many Believe Fischer Can Help An NBA Deal

Today, John Yarmuth and Bellarmine University President Dr. Joseph J. McGowan will hold a news conference to announce a new federal investment. [Press Release]

A Louisville man says he was beaten by at least two Metro Police officers earlier this month. Andre’ Mulligan has filed a complaint with the Professional Standards Unit of LMPD. [WDRB]

We think J. Bruce Miller is likely being taken for a ride by Greg Fischer. We just hope that’s not the case. A group of community leaders convened by restaurant franchisee and former professional basketball player Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman met with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Friday to discuss the possibility of a National Basketball Association team coming to Louisville, Fischer’s office said. [C-J/AKN]

Another Kentuckiana doctor is under investigation by the Federal government. Local, state and Drug Enforcement Administration officials made a visit to two offices Thursday on both sides of the Ohio River. [WAVE3]

The government’s monthly jobs report has become Washington’s most anticipated and studied economic indicator, pounced upon by politicians, economists and journalists for snap judgments as the presidential election nears. But in the real world, most everybody else just looks around and figures things out for themselves. [HuffPo]

The newest resident at the Franklin County animal shelter is hamming it up and getting lots of attention. [H-L]

Seventeen-year-old Savannah Dietrich got what she was desperately seeking from juvenile court judge Angela McCormick Bisig Friday, when the judge handed down a tougher sentence than the previously agreed upon plea deal for Dietrich’s teenage attackers. [WHAS11]

The boyhood home of Muhammad Ali was sold for $70,000 to real estate investor Jared Weiss. The radio people spoke to Weiss on Friday. [WFPL]

An arrest has been made in connection with a shooting earlier this week outside a New Albany convenience store. [WLKY]

Where are the rest of Louisville’s business leaders on this front? Eco-tech LLC, a Louisville waste-management company, has donated 1,000 trees to the city. The company plans to purchase and supply 100 trees per year for 10 years. [Business First]

Two conservative groups asked the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington on Friday to allow tax-exempt organizations that pump millions of dollars into election ads in the weeks leading up to the November 6 vote to keep the names of their donors secret. [Reuters]

21 thoughts on “Not Many Believe Fischer Can Help An NBA Deal

  1. Not to sound like a total nut job, but Dietrich took the law into her own hands when she decided the sentence given the two boys was not harsh enough by her standards. She may be right in that the punishment didnot match the crime but what is the difference between her doing what she did and say having the arm or leg broke of the two boys and saying now we are even? She decided to ignore the judges decision and make her own punishment.

  2. Enough of trying to lure an NBA team here, what a waste of time and money, even though its a cottage industry for J. Bruce Miller.

  3. So you’re saying that she should have taken the advice of Angela McCormick Bisig and not said anything about the crime or punishment. They should just let these two scumbags off because they were Trinity students and didn’t do anything wrong? Or that their lawyer and others had connections to Trinity? Or what they did was taking pictures of her and then posting it to You Tube and violating her? She didn’t request physical violence to be done to them, she wanted to speak directly to them and wanted them to be punished appropriately. Wouldn’t you want that for your own daughter? So instead we should just let people sexually assault people even if they are passed out on a bed having had too much to drink? This judge ought to be thrown off the bench and voted out in November. She should be gone from the bench because its obvious that she is weak on crime. Or is it one of these Louisville good old boy deals where someone gets off because their dad or uncle or some bigwig is connected at the hip or gives money to campaign contributions. I’m glad she told the truth and told who these guys were regardless of the punishment of contempt of court. This judge is a disgrace. Yet they did the crime and they should be appropriately identified and if they have done other crimes, they should be prosecuted for those crimes as well. Time to start cracking down on people who violate the rights of others including the right to not be sexually assaulted. No means no in pretty much the entire world. Those two guys are actually lucky that one of her relatives didn’t end up doing some sort of street justice to them. Not that I am condoning it but it does happen occasionally.

  4. It was Dee McDonald that made the original ruling forbidding any communication about the case. Bisig was the second judge who made the case proceedings public and imposed a tougher sentence.

  5. Re Jobs Report – Don’t really know how this is calculated. Not all unemployed use the “state” Website to search for a job. Yet I get the impression they are only counting searchers who use that Kentuckiana Works (?) site & similar state sites. And the report usually attributes any decline in searchers to people no longer searching. a) they could be searching the heck out of other sites & resources, b) they could have become self-employed without “formalizing” it, c) they could have retired, or taken early retirement, if eligible, and may work again IF a promising opportunity comes along, d) females may have become pregnant & are taking a break from employment…
    And I don’t see actual numbers on how many folks are no longer able to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits though not employed, nor on how many unemployed folks were NEVER eligible for UI benefits.

  6. The NBA pipe dream these people have is about ludicrous. Louisville couldn’t even support the CBA Catbirds team that was here 20 years ago or so. Not to mention all of the minor league incarnations such as the River Frogs and other teams have come and gone several times. The city can barely support the RiverBats these days. But instead of actually improving the economy, job market, infrastructure, crime issues, they think the NBA will be the crowning achievement of the city. As if having an NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB team helps places like Detroit or even the equally sad sack city of Memphis. Its a nice racket though to get 60k, 100k, or whatever from the taxpayers for knowing about Chinese and Russian billionaires for a two year span yet nothing ever coming to fruition. Its more propaganda than anything. Even the Pravda newspaper from Russia has more truth in it these days than anything that comes out of the Kentucky Birdcage Liner facility on Broadway

  7. Speaking of trees — Yes, trees are incredible assets to beauty, comfort, nature, & our own health. BUT — when planted in the most visible sites, they are an extreme risk to structures and to our power system. And THAT is SCARY. And THAT is exactly what is done with most donated or purchased trees. Makes ME cringe – especially when I KNOW that the new tree is a replacement for one that pulled down an electric line “x” number of yrs. ago. If they would push “small” trees (redbud, dogwood, crape myrtle, etc.) I could get excited – if they jailed the kids & scofflaws who try to destroy young plantings. But the coordinated tree-planting efforts are usually directed at getting a “canopy” of long-lived tall-growing power line killers & road blockers & roof crushers.

  8. Gary Guss and Bill: No need to call me for tickets, when the NBA team arrives at Yum and the Boston Celtics or Lakers or Mavericks (with my friend Mark Cuban) arrive in town for the biggest game in Yum in the last 3 years. Better just tell your kids that you smarted off awhile back about the guy who made it happen for Louisville and that guy is being mean to me – and won’t sell my family any tickets. I’m sure that’ll be OK with them!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Many people in cities “don’t like” trees – because depending upon where they are planted, they are the legal responsibility of the property owner should they become damaged or need to be removed. And if they fall on your house, it is your problem. Years ago, my grandfather would intentionally sabotage when the city kept planting Bradford Pears in front of his house, because they were “junk trees” that just caused a major mess when the blooms would fall. Personally, I like trees, but the city doesn’t care for the ones they plant downtown, in the planting squares, so why not focus on those FIRST, and then branch out?

  10. I am not condoning what they did and I do believe they earned a stricter sentence than what they were intially given. My point was I dont think she should given media hero status for taking a vigilante stance.

  11. The laughable thing is to believe that some NBA team is actually going to move into the Chicken Barn downtown. Seeing that recently a real NBA city with a real NBA past voted to spend the money and build a new arena, Louisville won’t be getting the Kings either. Considering that there are only 2 teams in the league that unstable and have serious problems, doesn’t appear that Louisville will get either of them. The only other team other than the Kings that has a decent chance of moving would be the Timberwolves. Most of the teams in the league have equal facilities to the so called Yum Center or I should call it the Chicken Barn. Over the past 10 to 12 years, most cities have built new arenas for teams and even the Hornets, once a possible team for Louisville has new ownership based in New Orleans. Memphis even with its pitiful attendance would still do better than Louisville. Same goes for any of the California teams including the Clippers and Warriors. None of them are going to move to Louisville. So you’ve only got two teams. Which the Kings will be going to Seattle even with the Maloof brothers. You’re just smoking up a pipe dream while taking dollars from the Metro Council and taxpayers. And yet what about these so called Russian and Chinese billionaires still unnamed after two years. I mean after all, they would have pulled together their billions by now and bought one of the poorer franchises and got it all worked out. U of L would be minor obstacle in that. Its just laughable that guys from Louisville think they can support an NBA team in a region of maybe 1.7 million people within 70 miles of Louisville. At the same time when most of Indiana will support the Pacers. Louisville’s best NBA shot came back when they couldn’t come up with the money to keep the Colonels in business and join the NBA. Let’s look at the track record. Houston Rockets around 1999, failed, Vancouver to Memphis Grizzlies, failed. Charlotte to New Orleans Hornets, failed. This endeavor to make Louisville an NBA city, will fail again.

    In regard to wanting tickets, I would rather talk to a user car salesman. But at least with my income we could easily afford NBA tickets. Its just that we have better things to do with our entertainment dollars and time than watch a league that went from being one of the top professional sports just a couple decades ago to being behind baseball in interest and a long shot to the NFL. If this was actually an area that was conducive to hockey like they are in the northern states, the NBA would end up behind them and UK versus UL as well. College sports rules this state and will for quite some time to come. Ask the Memphis Grizzlies how their experiment in MS/TN/AR is working out with about 14,000 a game attendance. All three are SEC areas as well.

  12. Another thing that ought to be added is that many cities in this country have NBA type of arenas that would be available to a transferring NBA team. Not just in Louisville but in places like Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Kansas City, Vegas, Seattle (to come), Anaheim, Columbus, OH, Cincy, and probably a couple of others not mention. All of which are maybe 5 to 10 years old at the very most. Plus to look at the MSA populations of all those places, a team is going to move to where they can get the best demographics and economics to run their teams. They’re finding out the places the same size as Louisville like Memphis, New Orleans MSA, etc aren’t exactly burning up the attendance figures. Seems that there was some talk of contracting teams the last few years as the NBA brand lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

  13. Bill said:
    “Louisville couldn’t even support the CBA Catbirds team that was here 20 years ago or so. Not to mention all of the minor league incarnations such as the River Frogs and other teams have come and gone several times.”

    My only comment to that would be to paraphrase something someone told me a long time ago:

    If Louisville were to have built the Eiffel Tower, they would have hemmed and hawed for twenty years, griping about what a waste of money it would be. They would finally approve enough to only build a 10 foot tall tower. They would then point and laugh, saying “See? Nobody gives a crap about our Eiffel Tower. Who would care about a 10 foot tall erector set that any kid could build anyway?”
    They would then use the lack of popularity of the 10 foot tall Eiffel Tower against the people who tried to build it at the original 1063 feet, but who’s plans were reduced to 10 feet by the same group bitching about the lack of impact of the final product.
    Bill, I’ll bet you’re still putting all your investments in CD’s, if you’re putting anything away at all.

  14. Its a big difference to invest money in something that actually produces a profit and actually provides jobs versus putting it into a Yum Center that has had two years and can’t pay for itself without a major tenant who doesn’t run off with all the profits. If the Yum Center was built in mind for having an NBA team in Louisville, then by all means they should have been shooting for that in 2010. Not waiting years down the road to saddle the local taxpayer with millions in cost overruns, debt issues, etc. The only reason they are now pushing the NBA angle is because they are up the creek without a paddle. U of L gets something like 88 percent off this. The TIF revenue district has been an abysmal failure. Not to mention the Yum Center already blew through a 4 million dollar fund for maintenance. Not to mention needing another 6.5 million from the city. What planet are you living on? If this arena can’t become financially sustaining, then its the fault of the people running this city and not the taxpayers. Which means in the real world, not the government world, that people like Jerry Abramson, Ernie Fletcher, and the rest of these nuts should pull out the wad of bills and pay for it. Not leaving this monstrosity to the taxpayers while it has been mismanaged for the past 2 years and really back to the initiation of the project several years ago. Kind of like when the Arena Authority didn’t pay its 56,000 dollar property tax bill in April 2011. Or when contractors on this project had to come back to Louisville from places like Minnesota in order to get paid months after the final product was finished. Including to the point of trying to remedy payments by going through the court system to collect on debts owed.

    If you or anyone else want to contribute to the arena payoff fund, then by all means open up your checkbook and start writing the checks that your mouth can’t cash. Better yet, its always easy to spend other people’s money on your pet projects like Abramson and Fischer have been doing to get the city a 12 million dollar debt. One thing of that is what Kelly Downard said about the city not being able to repave the streets as much as they would like. Wonder why the surface streets are going to hell in a handbasket? Because in 2009, Abramson and Company decided to take paving operations, road repairs, traffic lights over from the Commonwealth of Kentucky for all state highways that are in Louisville. I believe that also included snow removal. Yet at the same time Louisville only gets about 55 to 60 percent of every dollar sent to Frankfort back in funding. No wonder the city has a 12 million dollar debt and Fischer is trying to stick the public with a local option sales tax. At a time the JCPS voted in another tax increase on Louisville homeowners and property owners. This also affects renters because eventually the rent will have to go up to meet the rising costs.

    You’re going to build an arena like Yum Center and spend 350 million dollars on the facility and then another 300 to 400 million in interest payments over another 30 years. The problem with the Yum Center is that from now until 2020 they are only paying the interest on the facility and not the principal. In 2020, the principal payments of 17.5 million a year will become due. Then giving the Yum Center an issue of not only paying 10 plus million in interest but another 17.5 million in principal bringing the yearly payment to around 27.5 million to as much as 30 million over that remaining 20 years. I recall the exact figures being in that ballpark estimate. If the Yum Center turns a profit by actually attracting an NBA team and actually keeping that team here for the next 25 years, then by all means if its a self supporting entity of a team, then fine. Otherwise, if the taxpayers of Louisville are going to be forced to subsidize their team just like Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau subsidized the Indiana Pacers in 2011 at a tune of 15 million a year then no. Its time to start making people pay their just bills and debts and includes professional sports franchises. That also includes the Cordish Company and other companies that get kickbacks and payouts from the city and its taxpayers. Its time to put an end to the gravy train where a small businessman can’t get financed for anything while some Baltimore corporation gets millions from the taxpayers. All at a time when the city can barely provide basic services and is stretched thin in rebuilding and improving infrastructure.

    Its always easy to write checks when you’re spending someone else’s money. Its much more sobering to write them on your personal account and know that you have to be able to back the checks that you write both with your pen and your mouth.

    In regard to my investments, 401K, bonds, stocks, and some precious metals and then of course owning a business. Why you needed to comment on that just speaks to the ignorance you expressed in your post

  15. Something else to consider, the taxpayers of Louisville didn’t really have much of a choice on the arena. The powers that be were committed to make sure that Goldman Sachs got their money before anything else was considered. If anyone recalls, Goldman Sachs was involved in the sale and marketing of debt instruments pertaining to the arena. Hardly one that would be looking out for the taxpayers. Many people realized that a screw job was going to happen especially with U of L getting the lions share of revenues. But what they didn’t know was that the TIF district downtown would perform so poorly. At that time the economy in 2007 was still performing rather well just prior to the collapse.

  16. You know, it’s a good thing that Bill (whomever he is) wasn’t around when the Indians lived in tents around the Falls or when Daniel Boone pissed on trees there — because had he been around — nothing would have ever happened here. And old Bill would be living in a tent and pissing on the trees and shooting buffaloe for dinner.
    Probably what he’s doing tonight, too!

  17. Hey Bill: There’s a new tree over here and the tent salesman is on his way here next week, from Danville.

  18. J. Bruce,

    It seems like instead of responding to people who question anything you hold near and dear to your heart with reasoned and thought out answers, you simply start attacking the poster and not their argument.

    I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to look at pro franchise movement the last 20 or 30 years and see that it’s very tough to drum up support. Why? Because REAL sports fans in cities without teams have already placed their love elsewhere. Those without an interest in the sport aren’t going to be the ones to snap up tickets to a new NBA team, and only the wealthiest and most hardcore fans of the game are going to snap up season tickets at the going rate. What will be left behind are the people who will buy tickets once and awhile. Those people will probably do it for novelty once, or to support their real favorite team when they hit town.

    Or perhaps I’m wrong. Can you show me the studies that say Louisville will buy enough tickets to support a team of unknown quality with enough money to pay for the team and to provide sufficient rental income for the Yum Center. I’m asking seriously and would love to have you post them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a professional team in Louisville. And it’s nice to see an arena with real artists coming to perform and not this just this week’s country flavor of the month.

    But the Arena itself is flawed, with horrendous sound (especially for anyone who can’t spring for floor seats) and dubious customer service (I bought Who tickets the first day, and was only able to get them last week because of card machine issues. Previously I was not allowed into an event where my wife and daughter had already entered because the tickets they printed for me didn’t have the proper barcode). And the events typically have prices that are out of reach for most people in Louisville to attend more than one or two a year.

    So how about it J. Bruce? Instead of simply saying we live in the stone-age, how about acknowledging these potential issues brought up and explaining why we’re wrong?

    And have you figured out who I am at JCPS yet?

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