Myriad KRS Scandals Cost Louisville Handsomely

Just a reminder that Brooks Wicker is making shiz up as he goes along and is still taking things out-of-context. [WFPL]

Turns out those hate-by-boss billboards are for something as stupid as you thought they were. [WDRB]

Poor Andy Barr is silly to think threatening a lawsuit for pointing out someone portraying a lowly coal miner as a coal company executive is going to help him get votes. And you thought Louisville’s congressional race was boring. [H-L]

Frankfort police are offering a reward for information after a man was allegedly shot in the leg by someone from a passing vehicle. [WHAS11]

The KRS should make you absolutely angry. How much of a mess is Kentucky Retirement Systems in? [Page One]

Why wouldn’t Louisville keep the Hogan’s Fountain Pavillion? The Louisville Landmark’s Commission voted on whether or not to list Cherokee Park’s Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion as a new landmark. [WAVE3]

You enjoy that WLKY failure last night? They called Jamie Comer, the state commissioner of agriculture, “Larry.” Twice. And then used that name on the chyron. Possibility City! [WLKY Fail]

Starting this fall, parents will have to decide much sooner which Jefferson County public school they want their child to attend — especially if it’s a magnet school. [C-J/AKN]

For the second time this month, a suspected serial killer was found competent to stand trial. [WLKY]

The income gap is receiving much attention lately as more Americans are isolating themselves around “people like us.” More accurately, they surround themselves with people who earn similar incomes, and it is now fueling a rise in residential segregation. One recent study suggests the income gap might be greater today than even during colonial times – even when you account for slavery. [NPR]

Kentucky officials are set to hold a public hearing on a new proposal for the execution method for condemned inmates. [WKYT]

Unionized employees at General Electric Co.’s Appliance Park ratified a new local supplement to the company’s national union contract Monday. [Business First]

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  1. “The Devolution of US Society”

    Yes, some of our colonial forefathers would be rolling in their graves right now, if they could compare poverty and inequality then and now:

    John Winthrop: “We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us.”

    Lil Boosie: “Stop rap’n that bullshit.”

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