Everybody Freak! Louisville Is A Giant Meth Lab!

A new preservation program is focusing on saving Louisville’s shotgun houses. [WDRB]

You can’t even ride a bike in Louisville these days without some road rage nut from Bardstown hitting you. [C-J/AKN]

A Louisville man allegedly told his cousin he planned to take the fall for his stepson’s murder, instead of his teenage son taking the blame. The more this story plays out, the crazier it gets. [WAVE3]

Quick, everybody freak out! Three suspects are on the run after police say they likely caused an intense fire at an apartment complex in Hikes Point. [WHAS11]

For the second straight year, the operator of Valkyre Stud found herself wonderfully overwhelmed after a colt by Bernardini shook up the Keeneland sales pavilion with a sales price of seven figures. [H-L]

Kentucky Supreme Court justices zeroed in on whether a man was improperly excluded from fully testifying about his self-defense claims in the shooting deaths of two others in a drug deal gone wrong. [WLKY]

Boxing legend and Louisville native Muhammad Ali [was] presented with the 2012 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Thursday night. [WFPL]

It appears Jack in the Box Inc. has an interest in bringing restaurants to the Louisville area. [Business First]

Turns out, not all Hardin Countians obfuscate and say crazy things about slavery. [Page One]

Oh, now they want to talk about the legislative pension problem in Kentucky? A group of Republican candidates for the state House and Senate called Wednesday for replacing the current pension plan for state lawmakers with a defined contribution plan like a 401-k system. [Bluegrass Politics]

What was that, again, about Mittens Romney being a foreign policy pro? [HuffPo]

10 thoughts on “Everybody Freak! Louisville Is A Giant Meth Lab!

  1. “GOP Hits Rock Bottom on Foreign Policy”

    Mitt: “What should we do about shoring up my foreign policy creds?”

    Mitt aide: “Gov, you’re as low as you can get. We need to go for broke.”

    Mitt: “Right. Call Sarah Palin.”

  2. “America hits rock bottom on foreign policy”

    While we sit around tweedling our thumbs North Korea has met and formed a union with Iran, increasing the chances of nuke capabilities.

    Obama has done a terrible job in foreign policy, I wonder if all these illegal aliens he is allowing in this country are going to fight if needed to keep our country safe and free.

    Israel is right, now is the time to act against our enemies. Screw the oil, will take it when we win.

  3. Throughout history, many western empires have had their asses handed to them when they tried to go into the middle east and take over, what makes you think that we’re any different?

  4. Maybe we should DRAFT all these illegals and put them in the military if they want to be here!….lets send their buts over to Afghanistan and Libya!….they should learn what the fundemental rights of freedom are!….and what it takes to substain it!

  5. We are different than those other empires. Right now we supply 98% of the food to these Middle
    Eastern countries, wheat and meat etc.. The American Farmer is feeding the world. Due to the drought that the USA had this year everyone is positioning for global food crisis. Men get really pissed if they aren’t fed (its a man thing).
    We produce 38% of the oil that we need, Latin America and Canada are our next suppliers followed by 12% Saudia Arabia.
    We are feeding the Middle Eastern people who are against us……cut the lifeline cord. When people are hungry they tend to want to make friends with people who can feed them. They have forgotten who feeds them. Even the majority of all the meats imported comes from us.
    If I had to put to believe anyones intelligence reports its Israels. They have seen the worst and are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep their freedom. America however has to listen to goofballs like Hillary and Obama who want everyone to love us even though they know in advance that our people are going to get attacked and killed. We had better take this Iran, North Korean threat very seriously. I wish I was more of a dove but I’m not I am a hawk. What are you all?

  6. Do you seriously believe that the majority of people who live in the middle east can afford to eat imported grain and meat from the USA? First of all, it’s wouldn’t be getting exported if US businesses weren’t getting more money there than they would be getting in other markets, so the people buying are comparably rich and in the minority. And if memory serves, Bush is the one who decided to get involved in Iraq based on whatever faulty intelligence was available to him at the time. I don’t trust any politician because, in my opinion, they are beneath prostitutes in that they lie to the American public and sell us out to any special interest group with enough money. At least prostitutes are honest about what they do.

  7. Did you read what Pakistan did yesterday? You are probably correct about politicians and prostitutes. Maybe your want to be an owl but sometimes you act like a buzzzard.

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