Democrats Royally Effed The Shanklin Ethics Case

The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled that students have no legal right to attend any particular school in a decision that delivers a setback for the push for neighborhood schools in the state. [H-L]

A top climate scientist headlines a free public symposium for teachers and the public on climate change this Saturday at Bellarmine University. [C-J/AKN]

Way to go, Metro Council Democrats, for effing this up. Barbara Shanklin’s attorney now wants the ethics commission removed from the case. We smell Jim King all over this. [WDRB]

The Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment plan passed the Kentucky Supreme Court Thursday. Not everybody is happy, to say the least. [WAVE3]

It’s a story that shocked many of you, one about a dog investigators say was abandoned and left to die in a Central Kentucky home. [WKYT]

A new jailhouse phone call has been released made by Josh Gouker, the man charged in connection with his stepson’s death. On the tape, he said he’s talking to his brother about the charges he and his son are facing. [WLKY]

The University of Louisville Medical Center is going to take more time searching for a new business partner. [WFPL]

Fueled by this summer’s unrelenting heat and boundless sunshine, Louisville suffered through its worst ozone season in a decade, likely putting the metro area in violation of the federal smog standard for the first time since 2007. [C-J/AKN]

Another day, another kid brings a handgun to a local school. Because that’s how things are in Possibility City. [WHAS11]

In an attempt to beef up Indiana’s defense operations industry, unmanned drones are being tested in the state. [Business First]

The 812 area code is projected to run out of available phone numbers in 2015, and telecommunications officials have proposed adding a new area code in Southern and South Central Indiana. [Courier & Press]

3 thoughts on “Democrats Royally Effed The Shanklin Ethics Case

  1. Read through the Supreme Court opinion on “enroll” vs “attend”. I was surprised at the ruling, but I think the court did a good job of explaining why they reached it. More legal action to come, I’m sure. I’m just hoping that I get called to testify by Mr. Miller. I’ve been practicing my hook shot.

  2. I’ve had kids in JCPS for six years. This is the sequence for attending: (1) Apply for admission. (2) Acceptance into school. (3) Attend the school. (4) Enroll.

    You have to ATTEND first in order to ENROLL.

    You don’t fill out the enrollment form until you come to school for Open House. If you miss Open House, your kid brings home the enrollment form on the first day of school. JCPS played a semantics game while lying about the admissions process. No surprise there.

    All application forms ask for race information. Nevermind that JCPS has a little disclaimer box next to the race section that says something like, “Race is not used for admissions criteria.” Sure, okay.

    I don’t understand why this community doesn’t get more upset about the crap that this school district pulls. Their budget grows every year and academic performance just keeps getting worse.

  3. Answer to Education Voodoo’s ?: In 1938 George Leighton wrote a book called “Five Cities.” Louisville was one of them. He began the Louisville chapter writing,
    “… an American museum piece … that was once “a broker’s paradise … [where] wealth accumulated and flowered out in a commercial civilization and the most complacent self-esteem in America…The ruling class leaned heavily on ‘charm’, there was due
    attention to food and drink. For the rest, [it was] let well enough alone.”

    Louisville hasn’t changed much — it’s still a museum piece populated by people who’re willing to “let well enough — along.”

    We’re in a lot of trouble around here.

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