What Will Greg’s Daddy Tell Him To Do Now, Kids?

A fancy report finds that Kentucky is first in the nation for toxic air releases from power plants. [C-J/AKN]

Everybody is freaking out over a section of Brownsboro Road that’s going to be closed for ten days. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

Greg Fischer got his landmarks veto overridden by the Metro Council. Probably not a happy week for Greg. He’s calling his daddy to find out what to do. [WFPL]

Barbara Shanklin’s attorney is still foaming at the mouth trying to get complaints against her dropped. [WAVE3]

The state Board of Education on Thursday approved a regulation restricting the use of restraint or seclusion of students behaving inappropriately in public schools. [H-L]

TARC announced nearly 20 service changes and route eliminations scheduled to begin Sunday. [WHAS11]

Some choice quotes from a Metro Councilcritter press release last night: “The Metro Council has laid a wet blanket over a vital 40 year history of saving our architectural heritage. Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) and I understand that committed citizens will remember this vote as a sad moment in city’s history,” said Councilman Tom Owen (D-8) [Press Release]

This is why Louisville’s EMTs deserve better treatment and competent leadership. They’re the people who keep you alive. [WLKY]

A federal judge is allowing a lawsuit to go forward that challenges whether all federal regulations were properly addressed on the $2.6 billion Ohio River Bridges Project. [C-J/AKN]

Everybody is so mad over some GE dishwashers getting recalled. Product recalls happen every day. So why the freakout? [Business First]

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4 thoughts on “What Will Greg’s Daddy Tell Him To Do Now, Kids?

  1. Since the vast majority of employees ‘on the line’ at GE and Ford are products of Louisville’s [failed] public school system, could that abysmal educational program in this community have anything to do with the continued foul ups of its gradiates [sic] in putting bolts into holes and wing-nuts on the bolts — both at GE and Ford.

    If that’s the case, then Ford and GE are going to have to start importing more educated people from the Kentucky mountains and western Kentucky – where the public education is superior to Louisville’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Your reference to the story of the B’boro road closure seriously makes me question your definition of “freaking out.” The story quotes 3 business owners in that corridor. Two of which understand the necessity of having this project completed. Further, the story was posted online yesterday, and there are ZERO comments posted online.
    These small businesses rely on passers by for their livelihood, and 10 days of rerouted traffic could really put a dent in their success….much the way a 10 day outage of the Internet would affect your mission. I bet you’d be freaking out at that point.

  3. You idiots have no common sense, do you? It’s a story that is raging on EVERY television station in Louisville. People are freaking out just as you are. Get a grip.

    I’m betting Jake and crew don’t care what you think.

  4. MT question is WHY does the LMEMS EMT not get to wear his uniform to a press conference about his job? WHY was NO ONE from LMEMS or the Mayor’s office not there to show support? WHY are they working the Paramedics and EMTs to exhaustion without so much as a pat on the back? Of course if we work them to the point they all quit or just plain fall down, it is easier to privatize and have another lucrative contract to grant.

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