They’re Turning The Heat Up On Barbara Shanklin

The Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police named Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders its chief of the year last week. [C-J/AKN]

Nothing to see here, puppies and rainbows! The Arena Authority says the KFS Grease Bucket Arena is on firm financial footing. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

We hear there’s a monster lawsuit in the works against Ted Pullen and Metro Government. And this one will blow your minds. [Ruh Ro Rumor]

Another day, another shooting death in Louisville. Because everything is Possible in Possibility City. [WAVE3]

Did you know there are still Kentucky legislators trying to kill off teaching about evolution? Because we’re living in the 1800s, obviously. If you’re wondering why Kentucky’s educational system is so broken and embarrassing? Ben Waide, Mike Wilson, David Givens, Ken Winters, Vernie McGaha are the mouth-breathers on this occasion. JCTA needs to get its ass in gear and make itself useful in Frankfort. [Ronnie Ellis]

Greg Fischer still pretends that his violence prevention group of people with, you know, no ties to the West End will actually work. So he sent out another press release about it. [WHAS11]

You can’t even ride a TARC bus these days without getting injured in an accident. [C-J/AKN]

The group that filed an ethics complaint against a Louisville Metro councilwoman has turned up the heat. On Monday, Common Cause delivered more detailed documents alleging Barbara Shanklin used her position to funnel money to family members. [WLKY]

A new government survey once again ranks Kentucky among several states with very high obesity rates. [WFPL]

Tom Kmetz has plenty to do these days. He’s been president of Kosair Children’s Hospital and pediatrics since 2009. [Business First]

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4 thoughts on “They’re Turning The Heat Up On Barbara Shanklin

  1. Ted Pullen. another lawsuit. Ted should have been fired after the last lawsuit. wonder what it’s going to cost the tax payers this time ?

  2. Don’t tease me about Pullen! I truly cannot stand the guy and I will rejoice the day he walks out the door.

  3. I’m willing to wager that Barbara Shanklin isn’t even smart enough to start rewriting her resume, considering she wasn’t smart enough to cover her tracks after Judy Green got tossed for a lot less.

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