There’s A Republican Running Against Tom Owen

There’s a Republican running against Tom Owen for Metro Council’s 8th District seat. He’s Kirt Jacobs, a former economic development guy for Metro Government.

He’s got some ideas:

  • Creation of a “Green Dream Team” commissioned to make sure District 8 stays and gets greener!
  • Creation of a national marketing campaign to place District 8 on both the statewide and national “maps”!
  • Creation of a District 8 Tree Advisory Board “TAB” similar to the Mayor’s Tree Advisory Board.
  • Inventory taken of ALL trees in District 8 OVER 100 years of age (could explore 50 years & Above).
  • Creation of a pedway over Baxter Avenue-so pedestrians will be encouraged to cross vs. Baxter Avenue for public safety.
  • Creation of “Restaurant Row” along Baxter Avenue to integrate with current local bar scene.
  • Creation of a boutique hotel-(locally owned and operated)-at site of Bardstown Rd. and Rosewood Ave. CALLED “The Rosewood” (former ballet building).
  • Exploration of reopening a street-car line along Bardstown Road between Lexington Road & Taylorsville Roads called the “King Louie”.
  • Creation of an annual “citizen’s visionary award” for coming up with an idea that is unique in scope to District 8.
  • A total modernization and use of social media for the communications structure between District 8′s constituents and the Council office.

Which basically means he’s a confused Democrat.

And he’s got a YouTube video:

It’s always nice to see people who aren’t mouth-breathing teabaggers running for office. Especially when they realize that caring for their community doesn’t involve building a fast food restaurant on every corner. (No, bringing Costco to the East End isn’t the devil.) But we all know he’s losing to Tom Owen. There’s no sense in entertaining the possibility that he’ll win and we mean that in the nicest way possible.

12 thoughts on “There’s A Republican Running Against Tom Owen

  1. Why does it matter if he cannot win. Anytime a good candidate with positive message and good ideas enters a race everyone wins.

  2. He will probably be a good one after Tom retires or ends up in an old folks home

    Learn to spell and use punctuation Tobe. It matters because he probably isn’t even a serious candidate

  3. Hey Not Bob….what a rude and nasty thing to say to Chris Tobe. I always had a dislike for english majors who felt superior to other people. Critique the ideas, not someones sentence structure. Chris Tobe thank you for being such a wonderful watchdog of the Kentucky Retirement System Pension Board.

  4. “It matters because he probably isn’t even a serious candidate ”

    Did someone forget to put a period at the end of their probably ill-punctuated sentence?

  5. Nova China is a famous female impersonator….if he/she doesn’t mind you using her/his name then I guess no one else should really care. I like your ideas on alot of issues but don’t go crazy on us.


  6. Deb, you know there’s something fishy about your name, too. Actually, I like to use Nova China more as a tribute to its being a witty pronunciation puzzle than to the frenzied world of fishnets and false eyelashes.

  7. Somebody better get a bucket of cold water to douse DLM and New China — their starting to ‘steam it up.’~~

  8. Did you all see the editorial in todays Courier Journal about Fancy Farm? It’s a new day!

  9. Debbie thanks for the compliment on KRS. Getting my grammar corrected is nothing compared to the retaliation I have received from KRS people.

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