4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Strip Search Case Turned Into Movie

  1. No. The whole situation is just stupid. The girl was victimized, but I can’t imagine being 8 years old and not objecting, let alone being an adult and thinking that someone would tell me to do this OVER THE PHONE!!

  2. Exactly, sometimes I have to question whether some of these people were involved in an elaborate hoax. Anyone should know that a non present individual has no right to search anyone or have anyone else do the search. No cop present at the scene says no search no matter what. Remember to tell your kids this too.

  3. And no cop is going to do an extensive strip search at the scene unless they fear someone is hiding a weapon. If it wasn’t a hoax, it’s just plain scary that these folks are walking around unsupervised.

  4. Hey it was 2004. It was a different time.

    9/11 was still fresh on everyone’s mind. Bush was riding a wave, and “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

    It would have been UNPATRIOTIC to refuse orders from the police.

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