Landmarks Cat Fight Is Getting Snipey And Bizarre

Remember how David Yates and Marty Meyer were super-confident that Greg Fischer wouldn’t veto the landmarks bill? HAHA, yeah, about that. He vetoed it. [C-J/AKN]

For decades, the U.S. government has stashed gold five stories beneath Manhattan in a vault under the Federal Reserve’s fortress near Wall Street. Or has it? Written by a local guy. [LA Times]

Police find two juveniles dead inside an apartment that was the focus of a SWAT standoff. Police responded to a report of shots fired near South Jackson Street and East Saint Catherine Street just before midnight. More gunshots were heard inside the Jackson Wood apartment, after officers arrived. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

Kentucky fails to make the coal industry pay enough to clean up the environmental wreckage it leaves behind, according to the U.S. Office of Surface Mining. It’s interesting that Keith Hall, of all people, would bring legality into any discussion. [H-L]

The Louisville mother who police said murdered her two year old son by leaving him in a hot car once again got emotional during her trial. [WAVE3]

Will Greg Fischer’s cat fight over preservation get even more crazy today? Here’s that letter he sent. [C-J/AKN]

The KFC Yum! Center does not need an NBA team to thrive, the arena’s new general manager said on Thursday, dismissing concerns that the facility’s calendar has too many empty dates and making it clear that the University of Louisville as primary tenant will decide whether an NBA team is appropriate for the venue. [WHAS11]

The U.S. Department of Education will continue funding Advanced Placement tests for Kentucky’s low-income students this school year, but public schools in Jefferson County with the highest passing AP rates also have the lowest number of low-income students. [WFPL]

The nation’s employment picture likely improved only slightly in July, strengthening expectations of additional monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve. [Business First]

Police in southern Indiana are asking for the public’s help in locating a missing mother and daughter. [WLKY]

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18 thoughts on “Landmarks Cat Fight Is Getting Snipey And Bizarre

  1. The story about the 2 deceased “juveniles” found in that apartment with the SWAT stand-off has been radically revised to 2 ADULTS found deceased.

  2. Even before Die Hard 3 came out, there was speculation that there’s more gold in NYC than in Fort Knox. The History Channel occasionally airs an interesting special about Fort Knox and interviews folks who’ve been inside the gold vaults and inventory it.

  3. Yum(!) Center: Report on attendance at Thursday night’s “Kiss” performance. $1.25mm in guaranteed payment to the performers, 6,350 attendees!!!!!!!!

    Didn’t hear the new operator bragging about that one — did you?

    The silence is deafening.

  4. 6350 for Kiss/Motley Crue? In Louisville? Wow. Luckily AEG is going to make it better. I was down last Friday to buy tickets to the Who and their credit card system was down. As of today, my credit card STILL hasn’t been run through their system.

  5. Kiss should give it up. I saw them years ago when Stanley went on a rant because the spotlight guy missed him. Instead of performing, he constantly went off on the guy. I will never see them again. I also heard many left before Kiss was finished. That should give them a clue.

  6. 6350 x $65 (av. tkt price) = $412,750. If average attendee drank $65 in beer, the gross for beer and tickets would approach $750k in Gross Revenue

    Entertainers cost $1.250mm. Salaries for evening approach $25k and utilities probably another $35k, cleanup costs probably another $20k

    So the Kiss and the Motley Crue cost the arena (and the taxpayers) something in the neighborhood of about $600,000.

    We won’t know for sure, because our public arena doesn’t provide public information including their financial reports. But according to the quote from Mr. Hayes at the last meeting, they’re all gonna go to the City Counsle for a ‘bailout’ soon.!!!!!!

    Driverless beer truck going down Iroquois Park’s main road.

  7. Out of the 6350 attendees, i bet that 150-500 , possibly more were comp tickets…..the average spender on concessions would have been in the $10-$12 range…..dont’t forget Production Cost!, Advertising & Marketing, staff labor,Insurance, Hospitality, rooms,food,beverage for the performers….I bet the show took a Huge Dump!…The financials on the show reports Should be available to those who are at risk for the cost of the events … OH!….don’t forget another item…”promoter Profit”….That’s a line item you’ll see as an expense on everything at the Dum Center, You think AEG makes their $$$ even if the show is a looser?….Check it out!…..I’ll bet AEG get a % of every tic sold!

  8. Chief: Another interesting note on AEG’s determination to ‘add to the secrecy’ of the Dum Center — The Fair Board USED to have a calendar showing ALL EVENTS that were booked. IT’S GONE. Now you can just find out what the calendar is through September.
    But if you look closely, there’s only ONE EVENT – except for a whole bunch of Women’s UofL Volleyball games (Now that’s a real crowd buster, they’ll need to have extra Andy Frains for collegiate volleyball games!!!!!!!)

  9. AEG has a deal!….They probably can’t loose!….What kind of fee / guarantee do you think they are getting to book/buy entertainment for the DUM Ctr…..the amts. they pay these artist like Kiss are absolutely Stupid! Who in their right mind would pay an artist that kind of $$$$ in a venue like that, having to sell 20,000 tics at an avg of $65ea to just about break even!….There has been plenty of independents that can do a much better job at this game IN this market……just another case of misManagement and no Oversight!

  10. Puck-it: Taint been thar. But I can Google pretty good. Here’s the Cornhusker story on their attendance STRAIGHT FROM THEIR ATHLETIC SITE: “Nebraska has averaged more than 3,000 fans for 17 of the past 19 seasons and have been ranked in the top three nationally in attendance each year for more than 20 years.”

    WhoopTiDo — 3,000 fans in the 22,500 seat Dumb Center. Average ticket price is $10 (see Dum Center Site). So THE BIG BAD DUM CENTER MAKES a whopping $30,000 for a women’s volleyball game from the local athletic club.

    Take the athletic club flag off your car, Puck-it. No way to put lipstick on the Dum Center and the local athletic club’s arrangement.

  11. LOL @you. How you extrapolate all of that from a simple statement, or consider me putting “lipstick” on something, is simply amazing.

    I was merely pointing out that in some parts of the country (particularly Nebraska), there is a very high level of fan support for college volleyball. Just as there’s a very high level of support for amateur wrestling in Iowa, or lacrosse in the Northeast, or ice hockey in the Upper Midwest, or baseball in the Southeast.

    Just an FYI, NU-Lincoln’s average volleyball attendance in 2011 was 4,132 (per

    I hope the kids get off your lawn…

  12. Mr. Puck-it: Your local university flag on your car is (unfortunately) a display of your ignorance on this subject.

  13. Considering I wasn’t commenting on said subject, no ignorance on my part was involved, so sorry to disappoint.

    Thank you for continuing to put words in my mouth (or keyboard)…

  14. One cannot read my comment #8 and Mr. Puck-it’s comment #10 and not reach a conclusion that Mr. Puck-it is trying to COMMENT ON THE SUBJECT that volleyball is very popular in Nebraska — because I made a ‘little’ light of the exhaustive womens’ volleyball calendar during the month of September at Yum.

    So, I guess the time has come to conclude this vignette with Puck, since I’ve clearly proven that 3-4,000 volleyball patrons are a substantial financial loser at Yum — which is generally what one of the nation’s top program brings.

  15. You can conclude that I was merely pointing out that the actual sport of volleyball is popular in Nebraska. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re the one who tried to extrapolate something more from that than what was there.

    Funny thing is, I actually AGREE with you that playing volleyball matches at the YUM! Center is kind of silly.

  16. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!…..What is Silly is the Arena Authority attempting to convince the public that those Volleyball date are some great significance in generating revenue when they boast of the number of dates they have booked!

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