Kentucky Farm Bureau Still Pushes Discrimination

Remember all those years Kentucky Farm Bureau was spreading hatred without anyone speaking up? When the Fairness Campaign just kind of played pat-a-cake with Todd Eklof?

Today at 10:30, Fairness, well, here:

Fairness volunteers will deliver more than 1,000 petitions from Kentuckians opposing Kentucky Farm Bureau’s discriminatory policies to the company’s booth at the Kentucky State Fair on opening day, Thursday, August 16, 10:30 a.m. Volunteers will depart from the Fairness Campaign and Kentucky Fairness Alliance booths in South Wing C, Row X, Spots 165 & 166.

The petitions–co-sponsored by more than a dozen local organizations–oppose many of the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s discriminatory policies (listed below), ranging from a denial of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights, strict opposition to unionized labor and a woman’s right to choose, support of the death penalty, and more. Many of the signed petitions are from current Kentucky Farm Bureau customers.

The discriminatory policies are printed annually in the “Kentucky Farm Bureau Policies” manual, which is distributed to legislators in the Commonwealth but not to the 500,000-plus families it claims to represent.

KFB is still hating on the gays but Fairness finally decided it’s time to… do whatever it is they’re doing and did last year. After being prodded for three years to take action. Which is a good thing, as these are the KFB policies:

  • We are opposed to any state-supported agency providing benefits to “domestic” partners.
  • The institution of marriage should only be recognized as the legal union of a man and a woman.
  • We strongly oppose teacher strikes. We oppose legislation that mandates collective bargaining for public school employees.
  • Alternative lifestyles should not be taught in public schools.
  • We support the enactment of right-to-work legislation.
  • We recommend the federal prevailing wage law be repealed when dealing with government contracts.
  • We oppose an increase in the minimum hourly wage.
  • We strongly oppose any mandate that would require any government entities to recognize and collectively bargain with employee unions.
  • Furthermore, we oppose public employees being permitted to strike, organize work stoppage or slow-downs.
  • We oppose unionization of farmers and farm laborers.
  • We strongly believe in the value of all individuals both born and unborn.
  • We support capital punishment.

They’re taking a few stacks of their petition to KFB this morning. Here’s what they look like:


Maybe some day Kentucky Farm Bureau will realize it’s 2012 and not 1950. And maybe some day a certain organization will realize it’s going to take real legal and legislative action in order to shove the hatred down the throats of a handful of paranoid white men.

2 thoughts on “Kentucky Farm Bureau Still Pushes Discrimination

  1. We strongly believe in the value of all individuals both born and unborn.

    And by “value,” I guess they mean the Nazi forced labor death camp definition of the word and not the New Age, feel-good, NeoCon, radical, right-wing nut-job meaning.

  2. Now that’s definitely an agenda from the 1950s. In fact, probably more likely from the Gilded Age of the robber barons and original corporate criminals. No unionization to keep bad employers at bay? Don’t unionize those farmers and farm workers, they might actually ask a fair wage and payment for their services. Sounds like a good dosage of the Third Reich or something like that to me. No work stoppages or slowdowns to protest bad working conditions, hmmm, sounds like they aren’t much on human rights or basic rights of individuals to determine their own destinies. No increase in the minimum wage so instead we’ll have Americans working for 25 cents an hour? Right to work for less and if you don’t like it, then starve to death. Wow, what a great bunch of people. Sounds like they need a mass amount of cancellations of policies.

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