20 thoughts on “It’s Brave Patriot Photo Caption Contest Time

  1. “No Tomate Verde for Sale”

    Marilyn: “Claro que no tomatillos, you jerks! I buy only RED Amurkin tomatoes. Tomate verde are poisonous.”

  2. You say “to-ma-toe”, I say “to-mah-to”
    You say “Muslim”, I say “Muslin”
    You say “Marriage”, I say “Civil Union”
    Tomatoe, tomahto
    Muslim, Muslin
    Marriage, Civil Union
    Let’s call the whole campaign off…

  3. “Move Over, Rachel”

    Woman with Mickey Mouse shirt: “See that crazy woman holdin’ the big fat tomato? She thinks she’s Rachel Ray.”

  4. This tomato would have been much bigger if Obama had not created the drought to run farmers out of business. Elect me and I will help repeal his drought act.

  5. “Not the Apple of My Eye”

    Marilyn: “It is with this kind of apple that Eve set humankind on a downward swing forever. Women should have known their place from day one. The fruit looks good, but it is really BAD for you.”

  6. “The illegals are forcing our farmers to grow tomato and if elected I will work to send them all back to Arizona where they came from. Help me take America back”

  7. Tonight, I am going to surprise my husband with a cucumber, tomato and mushroom salad. He will be so proud of me, I found the mushrooms growing wild in the back yard!

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