22 thoughts on “Hot Rumors From The Hot Metro Rumor Mill

  1. I sure hope that isn’t a rumor. Dude is a serious arrogant Jerk who thought he was untouchable.

  2. They ran their story an hour after we did.

    You should know by now that when we say something is a rumor, it’s really not.

    You should also all be thankful that WFPL has the guts to report the news. None of the teevee stations give a shit about that story. Kudos to WFPL for following up on the tidbits we dropped more than a week ago.

    Jake should have a bunch more when we gets back.

    There are more lawsuits coming.

  3. I always have faith in Jake. and know that he doesn’t post rumors. just wanted to throw out some props for WFPL. since nothing is being said about it on the local news.

    Can’t wait to read more on Monday

  4. ….However, still spinning….wait until Friday on a holiday weekend so by Tuesday it will be out of the news cycle. Keep it out there, Jake!

  5. Anne, I heard from several sources that the mayor asked him to resign and he refused. Methinks he had something on Jerry and Fishy didn’t want to rock the boat. I don’t know. I just heard things.

  6. Well, this certainly frees up Pullen up to take a job in Frankfort where his talents won’t be wasted, no doubt.

  7. Pullen = ideal for Secretary of Transportation!!!!!!! He could “Eff-up” the bridges like he has everything else he’s been in charge of.

  8. I wonder what will happen with his wife, Susan Neumayer, the Deputy Director of Finance’s Office of Performance Improvement at $72,490.60 per year?

  9. He’ll havea lot to explain to her when she begins her examination of HIS “Office Performance.” There’s some irony, here. With all the women working in high level positions, this old goat’s got a ‘lot of ‘splaining to do.’ (a/la Lucille Ball to Desi Arnez)

  10. Mayor didn’t grow a spine. He was out of options. Pullen had to go. Fischy put himself in this position by surrounding himself with ass-kissing “yes” men and women that wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans in the private sector. Fischy should have cleaned house but didn’t. More crap like this happens when you keep folks like Pullen around. Just look at LMAS and MSD. Fischy reacted and did not proactively remove the problem; he reacted when there was no other choice. The guy is a joke. He likes being seen and not heard. He’ll tweet or use social and tradiotional media for attention but lacks leadership and balls to come out with a statement. Friday afternoon on a long weekend is how Beshear operates. Gutless, leadership less and cowardly. The guy stands for nothing.

  11. Pinocchio nose Fischer came out in the local media on Monday and stated that Pullen was resigning to pursue other opportunities. We all know different and that Pullen was going to have to leave due to all of the lawsuits filed by different individuals. Why won’t Fischer just come clean and say that he was asked to resign? The state and Feds need to look more into the past of Ted Pullen and all of his misdeeds as well as going back to the Jerry Abramson regime. Somehow that won’t happen because Stevie and Jack won’t have the guts to do the right thing. Pathetic really.

  12. My money is one that it wasn’t all about the lawsuits, he doesn’t even have to pay to defend himself. What it is about is millions and millions of dollars in Kosmos burning plastics and factory waste streams from all over, being brought in from who knows where. Kosmos & Corradino does that ring a bell? Think bigger…….Pullen was put in that position for a reason and his management skills were not one of them.

  13. Kosmos & Corradino does that ring a bell? Think bigger…….Pullen was put in that position for a reason and his management skills were not one of them.

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