Bullying? Sure, It’s Possible Here In Possibility City!

Way to go, Louisville, with your bullying. We’ve been hearing of several other cases like this for a year. Many involve children who are gay or have gay parents. The mother of a middle school student claims in a lawsuit that her son was bullied by other students because he was interested in cheerleading, and said school officials did nothing to protect her son. [WLEX18]

Watching John Schnatter freak out over “Obamacare” is absolutely hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. How dare anyone want access to health care while he lives in a 40,000 square foot home with a household staff of half a dozen. [HuffPo]

Just in case you need another look at why Louisville can’t have nice things. A Louisville woman looking to give her unborn baby up for adoption, turns to Craigslist. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

Investors led by Louisville developer Jonathan Blue bought the 36-acre “Midlands” property at Brownsboro Road and the Watterson Expressway eight years ago, built nothing on it — and then sold it last month to the federal government for more than twice what they paid. [C-J/AKN]

Another day, another shooting in the South End. This time it’s a double shooting on Manslick Road. [WAVE3]

Norway’s carbon capture bet. The fossil fuel industry claims it is the answer to climate change. Energy-rich Norway hopes that the $1bn it is spending on developing carbon capture and storage will ensure its oil and gas exports remain in demand. But environmentalists are divided. Warning: video will automatically play. [Financial Times]

TARC is providing special service to the Kentucky State Fair but you will probably get shot if you ride. [WHAS11]

Environmental groups are suing the Environmental Protection Agency, in hopes they can force federal regulators to crack down on air pollution in national parks. [WFPL]

Don’t even bother going outside today because the air is poison. Your brains and lungs will rot clean out of you. [WLKY]

The Durham City Council has approved a $5.7 million incentive to convert a 17-story downtown landmark in the North Carolina city into a 21c Museum Hotel. [Business First]

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9 thoughts on “Bullying? Sure, It’s Possible Here In Possibility City!

  1. Doesn’t sound like Schnatter isn’t freaking out from his comments at all. He just confirming that companies don’t pay taxes, they pass those costs onto consumers, and the franchise is considering not expanding or laying off people to keep under the 50 employee penalty/tax trigger.

    Support or decry the law, this is how markets are going to react. More people are going to be covered (positive thing), and it’s going to cost everyone more money and it will disincentive job creation above 50 employees in lower-profit margin industries (negative thing).

  2. Poor little rich boy having to spend more on his employees. I don’t care what he thinks as I don’t eat his crappy pizza!

  3. All kinds of shenanigans out there – by people who are investing their energies into defeating Pres. O. rather than lift a finger or a dime to be part of our economic solution. (They fear Pres. O. getting any kind of “credit” for any kind of improvement.)

  4. ‘Twould be interesting to investigate whether Schnatter has a young adult child now carried on his own health policy, or has any family or friends who are now insured because of elimination of the pre-existing-condition exclusion. In other words, is he or his enjoying any of the “new” health care provisions? Any seniors in his circle now paying less for prescriptions? – or did they all exempt themselves from all Affordable Health Care changes?

  5. Schnatter’s griping about a 15 cent price increase? He should have raised it 15 cents years ago and provided his employees health care. Most people who order pizza will never notice. The only reason he’s having to do it now is because the schmuck was too cheap to provide insurance without being pushed/shoved by the gov. He shouldn’t have required the shove. If you can’t find better pizza to order in this city than PJ’s, you aren’t looking.

  6. Come On!…..I can’t believe that you’d be so critical of Schnatter on this, all he did was make a comment to a business analyst as to how he planned on dealing with the cost of the Oplan!…..If anyone who is commenting here is in business for themselves they should know that when you are in BIZ!….you get paid LAST!…..What do you think is gonna happen , business operators are all going to have to pass this cost on to the end user!….at least the smart ones will!…..

  7. I have never met John Schnatter but he is correct on having to pass onthe costs to customers. Alot of restaurants are closing nationally and locally. Small family owned restaurants have to face almost unsurmountable costs and government regulations. If my grandfather had started his restaurant “Mike Linnig’s” in 2012 instead of 1923 he would have probably chosen another way to make a living. My family is an example of the American Dream in this country and the government is now, hell bent on making sure that other families will never get to see it!

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