BREAKING NEWS! You Can Buy Crack Pipes, Folks

Ford Motor Co said some of its new plants in Asia will be able to build up to seven vehicles as part of the automaker’s new One Manufacturing flexible global production system, announced Monday at a management conference in Traverse City, Michigan. [Reuters]

John Boel’s latest, earth-shattering discovery? Crack pipes are being sold in some convenience stores. We’re guessing he’s never been to a head shop or whatever it’s called. And tons of smoke shops around Louisville – even in the East End. This isn’t just a West End problem Boel ought to answer for that slant. One commenter on the story has it right: it’s not crackheads killing people. [WAVE3]

$3 million in arena renovation money has been raided for a debt payment. There’s less than $4,000 in its account now. Meanwhile, a handful of locals continue to claim the grease bucket is a huge financial success. [C-J/AKN]

U.S. Marshals have arrested two men charged in the fatal shooting of a teenager on a Louisville transit bus. [WLEX18]

Of course statewide judicial furloughs end up costing us all locally. That’s part of the outrage that’s been expressed for weeks by folks in Frankfort opposed to them. [WHAS11]

The Louisville Metro Council could override Mayor Greg Fischer’s veto of contentious changes to the landmarks ordinance this week, but one member says the administration is twisting lawmakers’ arms. [WFPL]

Students in Nelson County, Clarksville Community, and New Albany/Floyd County headed back to school on August 6. And it won’t be long until JCPS students return to class. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

Way to go, Eastern Kentucky. A Corbin woman has been charged with cruelty to animals after a deputy found three malnourished dogs at her house, according to Laurel County Sheriff John Root. [H-L]

Louisville Metro Police said a young girl is very lucky to be OK after she fell out of a second-story apartment window. [WLKY]

Racing and gaming company Churchill Downs Inc. saw its second-quarter profit jump again this year as a result of growth in its online and casino operations and a record Kentucky Derby week. [Business First]

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS! You Can Buy Crack Pipes, Folks

  1. I’m curious as to what AEG’s deal really is. I’ve been waiting almost two weeks for the Yum Center to charge my credit cards for Who tickets I tried to purchase the day they went on sale. They keep telling me their machines are down.

  2. JUST Wait till the SHTF!……And the Arena Authority needs to go begging for more $$$ to the Metro Council!

  3. Rob M.: They can’t pay the electric bill!! Plus, they fired the people who can do it by hand.

    Where’s Jimbo Hostess, when we need him. Somebody’s got to sell some more medicine oil.

  4. Chief: They’ve got a ‘big lineup’ for September. A whole bunch of UofL women’s volleyball games and one concert. Monthly operating expenses are $750,000 and monthly reserve for the quarterly interest payment is around $1.5mm!!!! Average attendance for the ‘bollieball games’ will be 2,500 at $10 a seat!!!!!!!!

    Better move the fan, because the poop’s coming soon.

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