Nobody In Jefferson County Has Health Insurance

More than 100,000 Jefferson County residents don’t have health insurance, but nearly half of them would qualify for Medicaid if the state expands the government program under the federal health reform law. [C-J/AKN]

Some Louisville families say a local recycling company is making it difficult for them to “love thy neighbor.” That’s because a nearby recycling company is also grinding wood. [WDRB]

People in Lexington are absolutely freaking out over rising gas prices. They must have been living in a bubble for quite a while. [H-L]

A constable charged with shooting a suspected shoplifter rejected a plea deal. On Thursday Constable David Whitlock turned down a plea deal offered to him by prosecutors. [WAVE3]

Could this eventually lead to changes in Louisville? A New York City zoning law designed to keep adult entertainment businesses away from schools, churches and residential neighborhoods was deemed unconstitutional by a New York state judge on Thursday. [Reuters]

Two Louisville-based members of the Montford Point Marines have been awarded the highest civilian honor in the United States. [WHAS11]

Joe Gerth was so mad about this he tweeted non-stop. The University of Louisville board of trustees met behind closed doors for more than 2½ hours Thursday to discuss a new operating agreement for University Hospital but took no action. [C-J/AKN]

What will Louisville look like in 25 years? That’s the question Mayor Greg Fischer posed to the community as he unveiled his newest vision and plan Thursday at a luncheon for Leadership Louisville. [WLKY]

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer entered the education debate and publicly endorsed former Humana Inc. Chairman David Jones Jr. for Jefferson County school board on Thursday. [WFPL]

Ellis Park enters a new era today as the Henderson, Ky., track begins offering casino-style instant racing games. [Business First]

Connie Marshall Has Threatened Us Or Something?

Have you seen the latest from Connie Marshall?

Connie Marshall // Aug 29, 2012 at 12:19 am

How much are they paying you? As I said, “Ignorance is bliss.”

For the true story about the police and what did occur go to

This is an online paper that isn’t bought and sold for its contents, but actually prints the true story.

Also visit my website at

May God give you exactly what you deserve.
Connie Marshall

Emphasis ours.

What is it, exactly, that we deserve? Sounds like a threat from a woman who needs serious mental health assistance.

We typically wouldn’t poke fun at her but come on. This is why Louisville can’t have nice things – because Connie Marshall gets to spread the bogus story that cops beat her and that she’s being zapped in the butt or whatever by microwaves.

Meanwhile, Connie is still rolling the streets in a 2,000-pound killing machine.

Time To Move Barbara’s Cash-Stuffed Couch Out

The final piece of the Big Four Bridge deck was dropped into place Tuesday. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, a handful of cyclists and others joined the construction crew that has been working to transition the former railroad crossing over the Ohio River into a pedestrian and bicycle bridge. [News & Tribune]

It’s a huge milestone after decades of waiting — Thursday, the governors of Kentucky and Indiana will break ground for the East End Bridge. In five more years, there will be a bridge near the Port of Jeffersonville, connecting southern Indiana to east Louisville. [WDRB]

What the heck is with all of these high school students getting hit by cars lately? [C-J/AKN]

The man in charge of the Louisville Metro Police Department elaborated Wednesday on the changes he’s making to fight crime in Metro. Which reminds us again of Greg Fischer campaigning on how there was on crime and definitely wasn’t a need for gang control. [WAVE3]

A large coal-burning power plant in Illinois that provides electricity to some areas of Western Kentucky and Indiana is under fire. A non-profit analyzed the costs of the plant and the numbers suggest ratepayers in eight states are paying more than they should. [WFPL]

Let’s just say it: Barbara Shanklin sold her own corrupt ass down the river. It’s only a matter of weeks until she’s gone from Metro Council – if Jim King and Tina Ward-Pugh don’t let their balls shrivel up. What an embarrassment Barbara has become to the people in this city who put their trust in her. Now she’s got an attorney playing childish, Judy Green-style games with reporters. What a sad, sad state of affairs for this town. [WHAS11 PEE ALERT]

Nearing the end of his 13 years as chief executive of a Kentucky icon, Keeneland President Nick Nicholson says he believes the state eventually will approve expanded gambling — but not because of the horse industry. [C-J/AKN]

In another twist to a controversial case of underage sexual assault, attorneys have decided to drop an appeal to keep juvenile records closed in Savannah Dietrich’s case. [WLKY]

The economy of the Federal Reserve’s Eighth District, which includes Louisville, has expanded at a modest pace during the last month, the Federal Reserve reported in its latest Beige Book on economic conditions. [Business First]

Thoroughbred industry leaders, angered that new medication rules set to take effect next month were blocked Monday by Kentucky lawmakers, are firing back. [H-L]

Did Possibility City Set A Homeless Man On Fire?

While Marty Bell may have violated campaign law, we’re not sure he can be disqualified. Fining him seems more appropriate. [C-J/AKN]

Take a look at that view: Jerry Abramson, Greg Fischer and Larry Clark. Possibility City or all that’s wrong with politics? [WLKY]

A judge in Louisville has decided to open files in a juvenile case that led to a teenager who was sexually assaulted being accused of contempt for tweeting information about the case. [WLEX18]

Every summer for the past four years, the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Ruth Institute has invited college students from across the country to participate in its weekend-long “It Takes A Family To Raise A Village” (ITAF) conference in San Diego, CA. According to NOM, the conference is meant to prepare college students to defend “natural marriage” on their campuses by introducing them to a number of prominent anti-gay speakers and activists. [Equality Matters]

Sexytime Karen Sypher’s attorney, James Earhart, is going to represent Barbara Shanklin during the ethics shenanigans. [WDRB]

Everybody in Lexington is still freaking out about rising gas prices. Because, you know, they haven’t been rising everywhere else or anything. [H-L]

A homeless man claimed someone set him on fire while he was sleeping Sunday night. [WAVE3]

Take a look at these ten urban projects that could change city landscapes for the better. Don’t worry, Louisville isn’t part of this. [Fast Company]

The latest in a string of bogus headlines: Mayor Fischer assists in lowering euthanization rates in healthy animals. Wow. [WHAS11]

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn vetoed a bill to allow expanded gambling in the state, where Churchill Downs Inc. had hoped to add slot or video poker machines at two of its properties. [Business First]

News that Lexmark will lay off hundreds of local workers has Lexington city cfficials(sic) assessing how it will impact tax revenues. [WFPL]

Here’s A Prediction/Promise On The No-Kill Front

Louisville won’t be a no-kill (for unwanted pets) city this decade. Likely not during the next, either.

The city has a mayor whose people are focused on whitewashing and denying (Fischer “transparency”) and the major no-kill efforts are disjointed, borderline silly and painfully unaware of their audience.

Possibility City!

Remember to adopt a pet from Metro Animal Services if you have the means. The agency may be one of the most mismanaged in Louisville history but that doesn’t mean you should turn your back on it. That’s where your no-kill money will best be spent in Louisville.