What Would You Do With UofL’s Vacant Lot?

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Federal Environmental Protection Agency officials say there’s still work to be done at the Lees Lane Landfill site in southwest Louisville, though they don’t believe the site is currently a danger to nearby residents. [WFPL]

Yalanda Parrish shot a man during a high-profile road rage incident in 2009 and she’s getting out of prison early. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever It Is]

Really, it costs $150,000 just to come up with ideas for what to do with a vacant lot? The University of Louisville Foundation sure is getting its money’s worth these days. [C-J/AKN]

Goodness, you can’t even chase a lady around the mall with your junk hanging out these days without getting in trouble. [WHAS11]

An appeals court on Thursday upheld a Kentucky Derby-winning thoroughbred trainer’s 10-year ban from the sport for drug violations. [WLEX18]

Just like that, WLKY is finally back on Insight/TimeWarner. Will you miss that Rocherster station? [WLKY]

Everybody in Kentucky is going to catch the Whooping Cough or whatever so get prepared. Tell your meemaw so she can panic and tell everybody else. [WKYT]

Yet another reason a tunnel for a bridge in Louisville is an absolutely stupid idea. Absolutely stupid. [C-J/AKN]

Shares of Papa John’s International Inc. have gotten an assist from Republican presidential candidate Mittens Romney. [Business First]

Your meemaw can’t even go to Walmart in Southern Indiana these days without being held at gunpoint. [WAVE3]

When will Louisville get a bunch of these double-crossover diamond things like Lexington has? [H-L]

6 thoughts on “What Would You Do With UofL’s Vacant Lot?

  1. “Where Is Warhol When We Need Him?”

    JR: “So, a lot of money still comin’ from our Foundation. Got to use it for sumpin’ besides athletics and honcho trips once in a while. Right?”

    Shirl: “How about some arts project on that vacant lot?”

    JR: “Yeah, we don’t do all that much for the arts and get constant complaints from the artsy-fartsy folks. But make it look real good and hire that consultant we didn’t know what to do with to check things out. $150K will make it look real good–like we cherish the arts.”

    Shirl: “You’re a genius, JR>”

  2. Novena: I’ve got another idea for the ‘local athletic club.’ They could spend a couple million on a sign ON I-65 designed by one of their top artistically-talented profs that advertises “We’re ranked 164th in the nation AND WE’RE MOVIN’ ON UP.”

  3. “Highlander, the Sign Artist”

    Not bad, Highlander. We could also add: “We Dare to Be Great” (an old UofL PR slogan). Granted, given its current rank, “mediocre at best” would be more apt (but not a good PR move).

  4. “Double Crossover”

    Do we really want to add more confusion for Louisville drivers? Most of them can’t figure out the turning lanes now and they definitely haven’t figured out the reversible lanes on Bardstown Road even after 30+ years.

  5. The man who was exposing himself at the Jefferson Mall, Jacobly Hamilton, needs to have someone in law enforcement look at his facebook. This guy is really, really, messed up. He talks out the darkness and how he can’t keep the dark thoughts away. It reads like a description of a man that is a ticking time bomb. someonw, somewhere better be taking this guy seriously, go look for yourselves. God help us all.

  6. Use that vacant lot to build Cardinal Prison to throw their own convicted felons in. Lord knows the have enough to fill it with all the curruption that goes on there. Go ahead and make Ramsey the warden and Drees and Hebert can stand guard at the gates while the inmates escape and steal more funds. Oh and don’t forget to include the police officer who thinks she’s above the law because she works for U of L. She’s just following the usual political protocol and mentality of being above the law. Yep, Cardinal Prison should continue to see increased enrollment until someone steps in and cleans house in that flood zone!

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