That School Board Race Will Get A Little Silly

Who will win the school board seat? David Jones or David Kaplan? Kaplan has the political network and experience and Jones has the money. Jones won’t take the time to get to know people and won’t take the right advice seriously. Kaplan gets frightened easily and runs in whatever direction his friends in Frankfort tell him to run. [C-J/AKN]

Family and friends rallied for a teen they claim was beat up because she was a lesbian. [WAVE3]

How do you feel when a bunch of storytellers from some myth factory litter on your porch? Probably the same way the beer king feels. We think he should mail them back along with some pizza coupons and an invitation to buy beer. [Funtimes Here & Here]

We can think of ten thousand things more important to cover than this road diet non-story. [WHAS11]

Do you need to pee? Take a break before reading any further. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has been named chairman of the Metro Economies Standing Committee of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. [Business First]

The Athletic Association at Fern Creek High School is suing three JCPS faculty members because it’s missing a half-million dollars. [FOX41]

It’s interesting that Jim King has time to pull pranks like this on his council colleagues. We also hear he has a lot of time to work with Barbara Shanklin, as they’re really tight. [C-J/AKN]

Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency will be in Louisville [today] to discuss a former toxic Superfund site. [WFPL]

Now that Jim King has lost 700 pounds he wants to start throwing fancy ordinances around. [WLKY]

United Parcel Service Inc. plans to submit a bid on an upcoming contract with the U.S. Postal Service that could have local implications. [Business First]

What’s your local talk radio station spending time on this week? A discussion about whether or not President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is real. Francene is rolling over as we speak. [84WHAS]

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is a hot mess these days. Specifically in Montgomery County. [Page One]

5 thoughts on “That School Board Race Will Get A Little Silly

  1. WHAS talk radio is ground hog day radio. Same topics over and over. Sadly, the audience they attrack eats it up.

  2. Steve: Wat’s rong wid the audence they attrack? Another marvelous example of JCPS ‘in action.’

  3. Listen to WHAS News promos now. There is NEVER promotion of local news, but always national political news. The pattern is usually Obama saying something followed by several politicians criticizing him, with perhaps a defense, and always ending with a critical comment aimed at Obama. The other day I heard one that ended with Romney being told “release your returns” and about choked. That has since been corrected to end with McCain saying Romney has nothing to cover up.

    It’s odd, but it’s there when you listen. Anyone else remember when they used to have local news, weather and traffic to promote?

  4. RE: WHAS Road Diet story

    That sushi joint was already planning to close before the road diet construction even started. I wish WHAS would STFU about this and stop trying to create a story where there isn’t one.

    From the Louisville Hot Bytes forum:

    “I just had dinner there and asked the owner about his plans to close. Although he was not happy with the road construction, that wasn’t the reason he was closing. The reason is the overall lack of business and he would close, construction or not. He was of the opinion that the location isn’t so good.”

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