Shanklin Needs A Really Cool Nickname STAT

Okay, kids, which barns will Barbara Shanklin burn down within the Fischer Administration and within Jim King’s world once she’s toast? You know she’s sitting on a mountain of dirt. Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin used city grant money to continue an upholstery training program that the mayor’s office had ordered shut down. [C-J/AKN]

Sexytime Karen Sypher’s conviction was upheld by a federal appeals court. WHEN WILL THIS SEXYTIME GROSSNESS GO AWAY? [FOX41]

Jim Gray is following in Greg Fischer’s footsteps by starting all kinds of commissions in Lexington. Maybe his commissions will actually DO something, though. [H-L]

He said he was an innocent bystander, beaten by Louisville Metro and Jeffersonville police after a chase and filed a lawsuit. Now, the family of the New Albany man have taken up his fight after his death. [WAVE3]

Don’t worry, you’re all prolly gonna die of the bad air quality today, amen. [WFPL]

Can you imagine being without air conditioning for six days like these families in Newburg? [WHAS11]

Hey, look, your local newspaper figured out that the Metro Parks review is complete. It didn’t realize that it was nearly worthless, however. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville Metro Police busted a drug operation in southwest Louisville after they said they found heroin and needles inside a home filled with young children. [WLKY]

Kentucky stands to benefit most from the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, according to a study. [Business First]

Republicans in Frankfort are still really made about the health care system changing but they still have no alternative. [Page One]

11 thoughts on “Shanklin Needs A Really Cool Nickname STAT

  1. Not to seem rude, but what is the big deal about not having air conditioning? On July 28th, 1930 in Louisville, the max was 114(f), the use of air conditioning in residential living was not widespread until well after the 1960’s. How did those that came before us deal without air conditioning? Also, most office buildings have A/C, so if its during normal business hours when the TV crew was filming (evident by the shawdows of the HVAC workers being filmed working in the sun, in the metal motor housing indicating the time to be about noon or thereafter) I suggest they find employment, and then when they get done with work they can protest about their lack of A/C.

  2. Yeah, that’s the ticket, get a job!

    What if they’re medically disabled? Work from home? Are on vacation? Maybe they just got laid off? Maybe they work the night shift?

    This is not 1930. Dwellings are no longer built with high ceilings, open stairwells and such to facilitate the dissipation of heat by allowing it to rise. Shade trees aren’t everywhere. Front porch social customs aren’t so much possible in a modern apartment dwelling.

    But the reality is they should just “get a job!” Get back to work, poors! Go get a job. Because there are so many to get and all.

  3. To begin with, all I did was make a suggestion, I didn’t tell say that was their only option, I was bringing up the fact that people for thousands of years have lived and dealt with much warmer temperatures without even the idea of A/C.

    The mayor suggested last week to visit the local library or park, should he be called out for being down on the poor, disabled, vacationers, late shifters, and those laid off?

    As far as no jobs available, a person can pass a drug test and a medical evaluation, then a person has a 110% chance of being hired as a truck driver–those things have A/C. I’m sick of people saying there are no jobs. I had a customer tell me last week that his biggest competition is unemployment and he owns a company that is not labor intensive nor does it require great skill. If a person wants to work, trust me they can find the work. It may not be exactly what they want to do, but I assure you that there are jobs out there.

    With regards to being poor or disabled, the lady with $1,000 worth of tatoos on her shoulders doesn’t appear too poor, nor ill.

    A window unit can be purchased relatively easily and for less than $100 in the event that a person does work the late shift–which by the way Jake was a point I did overlook.

    And while it is not 1930, A/C did not become popular until the 1980’s, by which time building construction had changed greatly between those 50 years, therefore building construction has little to do with it–besides, only the costliest of homes in the late 1800’s-early to mid 1900’s had high ceilings, the more affordable tenant housing was built with lower ceilings due to lower costs associated with construction.

  4. “Lyin’ Eyes on Medicaid”

    Ma Kain: “I hear the GOP is feedin’ us prime cowpie on Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.”

    Pa Kain: “Whatcha mean, woman?”

    Ma Kain: “KY stands to gain the most of any state from it, yet pols like Mitch are sayin’ the opposite.”

    Pa Kain: “Yeah, those lyin’ turds make me miss bumblin’ Bunning. See how far we’ve fallen? Have time to give me a mustard plaster, Ma?”

    Ma Kain: “Cain’t afford it , Pa.”

  5. Greg Fischer, though childlike, didn’t tell folks to “get a job” to deal with the deadly heat.

    If there are so many zillions of jobs, then why are thousands upon thousands of people being laid off? Why are hundreds of companies shutting down?

    Yep, just a myth that there are no jobs.

    I won’t argue with someone who supported Herman Cain, as you and Brad Cummings both did, but come on. You’re white and privileged and have zero grasp of the economic realities in this country.

    What you’re saying is akin to other white guys, some of whom have been mentioned by me recently, telling black women that they’re “so articulate” upon hearing those running for public office speak (Lisa Moxley, specifically). And then commenting privately that they don’t sound black at all.

    Take it elsewhere.

  6. I don’t know where Phil is getting his information, but the meteorologists on TV all say the highest recorded temperature in Louisville was 107, not 114. We’ve reached that number three times according to NOAA: July 24, 1901, July 28, 1930 and July 14, 1936. But I do agree that no A/C is not the end of the world. Just remember what those poor people had to wear back then, and be grateful we can wear shorts, tank tops & flip flops if we feel the need.

  7. People find it amazing to learn that I live in a house without A/C. Granted, it hasn’t been great the last week, but it’s OK, I have ceiling fans and other ways too keep cool. But it isn’t the end of the world, think about the folks on the East Coast without power at all!

    But I do agree, if A/C is part of the apartment rent, they need to fix it.

  8. Please dear God, don’t let the writer above named Phil ever be in position to make a life or death decision that would affect me or my family.
    Talk about out of touch with reality! Jake, I’m proud of you for calling him down on his comments.

  9. First, I’d like to offer Skanky Shanky. And most likely she’ll be spilling dirt on anyone who was in office under Abramson who doesn’t support her now.

    Now, I’d like to ask if anyone knows when this story about the air conditioning problem was filmed. It was posted on July 5, and I was wondering if it was filmed on the 4th, which would explain why people might not be a work.

    Also, the manager said the chiller system was 60 years old, which means it was new in 1952. Do you think it’s paid for itself yet? I mean, really. In a few more years it will be eligible for social security.

    As far as the good ol’ 1930s are concerned, in those days you had a much better chance of sleeping with a window open without waking up with your throat cut.

    Also, your body tends to acclimate to heat if you’re in it consistently. Most people have AC at work, so to go from the cool at work to 95 degree nights trying to sleep with a sweaty sheet wrapped around your neck tends to take a toll, especially if you take into consideration the air quality alerts that have been issued just about every day since the heat wave began.

    If you noticed, the mangagement hadn’t called in professionals to fix the 60 year old chillers, but were relying on their “boiler tech” and head of maintenace to fix the problem, who were working on their third motor. These guys could get a job working for Metro Louisville’s facilities management if their current positions don’t work out.

    Its very possible that since the landlord is providing AC, the tenants aren’t allowed to have window units. Regardless if they can or not, the landlord is getting paid to provide AC and isn’t. And even if the tenant’s rent is subsidized, the landlord is still getting paid to provide AC by taxpayers like me, so do it.

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