Sadiqa Reynolds: Nasty To People Who Want Help

By now we all know that Greg Fischer has no common sense. We know that even the prominent family that backs him is slowly moving away from him because of it. And we know even more that people like David Jones and the rest of the powers that be are pressuring him over his decision to allow Sadiqa Reynolds to run his ship.

After the way the woman has handled Metro Animal Services, we’re not surprised. We know she’s the get in your face and yell kind of hot shot. We know how she treats people she perceives as less important than her.

So it’ll come as no surprise to you that she’s been nasty to a woman who raises rabbits and occasionally sells them in Jeffersontown. It’s a hot mess.

Basically, this woman raises show rabbits and sometimes sells them in J-town. An animal control officer told her that it was illegal to do so. Justin Scally of Metro Animal Services tells her she’s a dealer and needs a $125 license – but he’s unfamiliar with specific ordinances and doesn’t adequately explain to her. Other LMAS staffers tell her she can’t get a license. He’s no help and tells her to call the mayor’s office. The mayor’s office sticks her with Sadiqa Reynolds – who doesn’t return calls for three weeks.

When Miss Sadiqa does call her back? Well, here’s how it’s relayed to us:

I complained to the mayors office, they hooked me up with Mrs. Reynolds who did finally return my 3rd call to her and she wouldn’t even let me finish my sentences. She kept interupting me and after smiling it off a few times I got smart and acted like I didn’t hear her interupting and just tried to finish my sentence, so she starts repeating maam, maam, maam, maam over top of me and told her assistant there must be something wrong with the phone. I told my family (hubby and 2 kids) who had been listening since I was using the speaker phone while driving that she must think she’s really important since she has the right to control the conversation. She wanted to know where in the ordinance it says that rabbits are not required to have a license to sell. I had to email her that, thought it would be best to email since she can’t take turns talking.

Sounds familiar, we know.

We couldn’t give a flip one way or the other about whether a license to deal is required to sell rabbits. But we do give a flip about the way Sadiqa Reynolds continues to treat people. That’s some real compassion.

Greg Fischer ought to stop parading around for photo shoots and pay attention to the way the woman behaves on the taxpayer’s dime.

10 thoughts on “Sadiqa Reynolds: Nasty To People Who Want Help

  1. She probably hasn’t even read the ordinance, which has holes big enough to drive a truck through. It applies to all animals, but only talks about licensing kennels and catteries, neither of what is used to house rabbits. They seem to anticipate that only cats and dogs will be bred and sold, not bunnies (or hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. (Can’t be sure, because as they did with the CCR review, what is on the website is a scanned in copy rather than a PDF copy, so I can’t do a find on it, but I did a pretty close read of it just now.)

  2. LMAS also highlights fish sold as pets.

    I’d love to see them enforce that mess, as there are people in Louisville who sell tons of fish to area pet shops when their tanks get crowded. Many raise and breed fish for that sole purpose.


    I have met and talked to Sadiqa a few times and she is exactly as this woman says she is. someone who thinks she is really important.

    Sadiqa has a really nasty attitude talks down to others and thinks she is right about everything!!!.


  4. Keep her around Fischy! The longer she stays the shorter Fischy’s reign is as Mayor. When you combine ignorance and arrogance you get the Fischy’s, the Sadiqa’s, The Scally’s and every Council Critter. Here’s what’s wrong with Louisville. The “elite” and influential tip toe away from Fischy. Why tip-toe. Just tell like it is and walk away. Hell Run far away. This half-assed Jim King approach to handling issue is only hurting Louisville. Just buck and tellll Fischy what a schmuck he is and he can’t manage his way off a Shanklin couch much less run a city

  5. Why is it that those that are in over their heads are always the ones that talk the loudest and never listen?
    God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth Sadiqa. They should be used in that ratio!

  6. I wish we could “Like” stuff – because I love the handle “thistownneedsanenema”, and what he has to say.
    One-term Mayor!
    And I’m a Democrat.

  7. “…can’t manage his way off a Shanklin couch, much less run a city.” That is definately the quote of the week. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

  8. Folks need to record the conversations they have with Greg’s staff and share them via the Ville voice. It would be a good reminder for them that they work for the tax payer

  9. Wonder if this isn’t the situation where people posted on facebook about somebody hawking baby rabbits (like a barker) with a cheap sign, with no med data on them at all, out of a truck beside a busy road around Easter? Bet so!

  10. Like I said, Taylor Collins, We couldn’t give a flip one way or the other about whether a license to deal is required to sell rabbits.

    Take your bullshit elsewhere.

    I’m tired of you motherfuckers and your LMAS spin. And, no, I won’t be polite about it.

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