Metro Community Services & Revitalization Review

Have you taken a look at the 2012 review of Metro Community Services And Revitalization?

Nah, of course you haven’t. So go here to download the 58MB PDF and do so.


We’d link the report ourselves but someone in Greg Fischer’s office decided it was appropriate to scan the report and turn it into a PDF file. Because this is 1997 and people still do things like that.

It’s another hot mess, courtesy Sadiqa Reynolds.

It promotes her sorority sister, Jean Dunlap, while undermining the apparently talented current director.

And it fails to mention that the first recommendation of firing the now-former assistant director has already taken place.

On Monday, Sadiqa called an all-staff meeting for the department and instead of presenting the review, she tried to give everybody a pep talk.

Possibility City.

3 thoughts on “Metro Community Services & Revitalization Review

  1. The current “acting” director is the best thing to happen to that department since the formation of Metro Government. With the huge mess left over from the housing, family services, and CDBG scandles, it’s amazing that she’s been able to get anything done at all.

    And while she does play the politics game, to her credit, Ms. Dunlap has done a good job of cleaning up the numbers and reporting (read: federal requirements) on the Housing side.

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