Metro Animal Services Was Nowhere To Be Found

Why, of COURSE Metro Animal Services is refusing to return calls in an emergency situation. Of course they are. Not even returning calls when a media outlet tries to get in touch. Anybody with enough common sense, though, would have used their googler to locate another animal welfare agency to help them out. So one has to wonder whether WAVE’s people have common sense. [WAVE3]

Remember Sexytime Herman Cain and that lady he sexytimed for like 13 years? Yeah? That sexytime all started in Louisville and sexytime lady has written about it on the internet! Go read it posthaste. [Salon]

Way to go, Old Louisville, for your latest murder near First and Ormsby. Metro Police are searching for a gunman in a fatal shooting in Old Louisville. [FOX41]

Jefferson County Public Schools has decided it won’t charge parents and others wanting to volunteer in schools a $10 fee for a background check, instead setting aside $150,000 in its 2012-13 budget to cover the cost. [C-J/AKN]

U.S. employers hired at a dismal pace in June, raising pressure on the Federal Reserve to do more to boost the economy and dealing another setback to President Barack Obama’s reelection bid. [Reuters]

Here’s more from one side of the Avalon guy and the Derby Museum snafu. Now that a lawsuit has been filed. [WHAS11]

Reading this story about Housing with quotes from Sadiqa Reynolds really illustrates everything. [C-J/AKN]

Exit ramps aren’t open again today and local drivers are beginning to freak out. This is Possibility City. [WLKY]

Last year, the western Kentucky town of Madisonville was runner-up in a nationwide contest aimed at being named the “Best Town on Earth.” This year, it wants to be No. 1. [H-L]

An investigation by NPR and several partners has found that black lung disease is far from being eradicated among coal miners. On the contrary: the reports outline a disease where diagnoses have doubled in the last decade in parts of Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. [WFPL]

A 20 year educational lesson? Evidence from America and Britain shows that independence for schools works. [The Economist]

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  1. With Mitch McConnell’s stated goal of limiting Pres. Obama to one term, I have often wondered if Republican and/or Tea Party business owners are intentionally suppressing their own hiring in order to fulfill their desire of low employment numbers during this presidential term – of course, to use as leverage in the upcoming election. If a Republican Pres. should then take office, their hiring can resume with a vengeance…

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