LMAS Dragging Open Records Feet Yet Again

Louisville Metro Animal Services is dragging its feet on open records. Again.

Someone who has been involved in animal care for quite a while requested the following information:

  • All dogs that entered LMAS between 05/01/2012 and 07/01/2012
  • ID number
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Intake type (surrender/stray/confiscation/et al)
  • Date animal left LMAS and how it left (transfer to rescue/adoption/returned to owner/killed/death)

All of that information is available in electronic form. A quick Chameleon (the program they use) database function can output all the records in PDF form. Takes five minutes tops. And there’s a woman named Betsy whose job consists of doing things like generating kennel reports and compiling statistics. This is a records request for data that has already been produced.

Metro Government’s open records officer, Dee Allen, says that’s 180 pages of data and costs ten cents per page to produce.

Fine and dandy. The requester agrees to pay.

Dee says the documents have to be printed and then scanned (yep, scanned, in 2012). An additional $2 is charged for a CD. All fine. They agree to pay that, as well.

Then Dee added more detail early yesterday morning. From her email:

Please be advised that the record copies you have requested will require generation of individual reports that will subsequently require scanning and review for redaction in protection of personal privacy consistent with KRS 61.878(1)(a). We expect that process to be concluded by August 14. The record copies will be available on a CD for a standard cost recovery charge of $2; in addition, since LMAS will incur the cost of making the paper copies in the generation of the reports you have requested, you will also be responsible for the standard cost allowable in accordance with the Kentucky Open Records Act of $.10/page.

We will provide a final cost in that regard prior to the August 14 date. Payment will be required prior to provision of copies regardless of format.

Yep. Says it will take until August 14 to provide five minutes worth of work. August 14.

Nope, nothing to see here, it’s all puppies and rainbows. Just more of that famous transparency Greg Fischer loves to hype.

11 thoughts on “LMAS Dragging Open Records Feet Yet Again

  1. The Attorney general has already ruled that if they have to make an extra copy to redact, the requestor does NOT have to pay for that copy. And further, if they are scanning them in, they can redact them electronically.

  2. I see nothing requested of a personal nature to be redacted. The request asks for “Date animal left LMAS and how it left (transfer to rescue/adoption/returned to owner/killed/death)” it does not ask for the adopters personal info…..

  3. Now we can determine how efficient this genius is. Lets see now, thats 180 pages devided by 25 days, but only 18 work days… umm…10 pages per day. They can falsify 10 pages per day to make themselves look they way they see themselves. How nice.

  4. This is BS. Time to send all of this info to the AG’s office. LMAS can be forced to comply in short order.

  5. Ok, let me make sure I understand. They are going to print it out, redact, scan to CD and then produce the CD? They can only charge for the CD and I think the AG would question $2 for a single CD. PLEASE APPEAL THIS to the AG.

  6. I do believe the computer whiz at lmas is being paid about 80k a year bc of her skills. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. You have been hitting them hard for a long time. Doesn’t the Metro Council members care at all?
    Do they keep track of what areas of town they pick up most of the animals? It would be an interesting stat to use when you lobby them. Can out of county people bring in animals? Jake, I’ve said it before but you are to be commended for your love and passion for animals.

  8. I thought there was a 14 day time limit for processing open records requests. You know, as in what the Cabinet for Health & Family Services refuses to do because for some reason maleficence scandals are to Kentucky politicians what leaked sex tapes are to aspiring Hollywood starlets.

  9. Three working days – unless they can make the case for an extension, and that is always subject to appeal to the OAG. If the requestor is OK with the delay, fine, but if not, they can appeal. This seems like a primo case for just such an appeal.

  10. Same shit, different day! The only thing surprising about any of this article is that the cover ups are still happening at LMAS. One might think after all the BS, that went down at LMAS over the last five years, would make this dipshit they put in charge want to change the publics view immediately. What better way than to be open and forthcoming with any and every request. Stalling, lying, forgery and fraud seem to be ingrained and have become their MO. They speak so much bullshit they might as well talk out their asses!!

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