Likely A Terrific Great Week For Barbara Shanklin

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The Jefferson County Attorney wants to make big changes to Juvenile Court. Mike O’Connell wants court proceedings involving minors to be at least partially open. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

David Kaplan caved to David Jones and dropped out of the school board race yesterday. [Press Release]

Prior complaints against Shanklin and Green weren’t investigated because of a system that shields Metro Council members from an ethics tip line meant to keep government honest. Barbara Shanklin was one of those who unsuccessfully tried to limit the council’s ethics ordinance, then abstained from the vote passing it. Even Judy Green didn’t do that. [WAVE3]

You know how local realtors pretend the real estate market is magical? Yeah, about that. New single-family home sales in June fell by the most in more than a year and prices resumed their downward trend, suggesting a set back for the budding housing market recovery. [Reuters]

LMPD has launched an official investigation into Barbara Shanklin’s actions. Guess that isn’t going away any time soon. [WHAS11]

As pain pills change, abusers move to new drugs. Which means you should alert your meemaw so she can be more anxious. [WFPL]

Marty Bell, the former deputy to the superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools, has filed to run for a seat on the Jefferson County Board of Education. [Business First]

Arrests could happen at any moment in a deadly shooting on a TARC bus. Louisville Metro Police told WLKY News that detectives are making progress in the case thanks to input from the public. [WLKY]

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes will travel to Afghanistan and several other countries in September to help American soldiers vote. [H-L]

Metro Parks is offering parking for University of Louisville home football games. At Churchill Park – adjacent to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium on Floyd Street and Byrne Avenue. [84WHAS]

11 thoughts on “Likely A Terrific Great Week For Barbara Shanklin

  1. I hear that Metro Parks is working out a deal with UofL. to give/sell/trade them their Helm St. property.

  2. Does the referenced “Helm Street property” include Churchill Park ? It is one of the Olmsted Parks, designed in 1911 per the Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy website.

  3. Helm St Maintenance property is all I have heard about. that would be the metro parks maintenance building at the end of helm st. I hear through the rumor mill that metro parks is giving/selling/trading that property to UoL.
    Marty Storch would be the person to contact for details about this deal. since I hear he is behind it.
    I’m not sure if this includes the ball field/park that is adjacent to the building.

  4. Just checked PVA on web.

    PVA site shows Metro Parks-owned property, Churchill Park,6.95 acres at 2649 Helm St. It appears from LOJIC photo and printable map that the maintenance facilities are “in the park”. Access to to the park, and parking, is via Byrne Ave.

    I guess my point is, I hope Metro Parks gets fair value for the Olmsted Park.

  5. That would be the property. I didn’t know it was a park. I know there are 3 buildings and a covered area. as well as a ball field. I just know that the word is that Uof L and Metro are in some kind of deal to have UofL use the property for their maintenance facility. not sure if it’s a trade/sale/give deal. I just know that Marty Storch is the person to speak with since he knows the details and would be the one who could confirm if it is a rumor or the truth. I just know that some employee’s have been told they are moving.

  6. Government can do whatever it wants to do….there is always a way to get an opinion or vote the way they want. They do not play by the same set of rules that they expect you and I to follow. Do you honestly think Mike OConnell and his staff are going to rule against it? Julie Hardesty, Scott Lily or Bill O’Bryan are not going to cause any waves. You can’t sell/trade or give away park land without a public process established by statute and it would have to be heard in front of Metro Council.

  7. “You can’t sell/trade or give away park land without a public process established by statute and it would have to be heard in front of Metro Council”.

    Well if that is the case they can consider that land gone if they decided to give it to UofL. Metro Council is a joke in my opinion

    I’m not sure they are trying to give the land away but the building that houses the metro parks maintenance shop. I believe the metro maintenance shop is moving to another location (maybe Newburg rd).

    I have family that has retired from the parks dept as well as a few family and friends that still work there. they were talking about this back in Feb and again around Easter. It could just be a rumor. but someone should check into it.

  8. It’s amazing how a ‘rumor’ passed intially by lateshiftat the zoo can, in 7 succeeding comments, turn into a full-blown criticism of local government and its failure to properly process the sale of public property.

    Everyone here is too quick to jump to conclusions. A piece of public property DOES require a Metro Council vote — and “lateshift’s” rumor is just that — B.S. — because the sale has not been proposed — AS IS REQUIRED.

    Come on “lateshift” — there’s enough stuff to bitch about in local government without MAKING STUFF UP.

  9. Unfortunately, when I worked for the PVA office I had to call the County Attorney’s Office (Bill O’Bryan and Joann Burke) attention transference of public property without going thru the public process. I not only had to bring to their attention once, still happening, called again before they stopped. It was illegal as hell, so sorry Highlander, if I sound a little critical of the failure to properly process public property. My opinion is based on facts not assumptions.

  10. Highlander I’m not just making stuff up. maybe they aren’t planning on selling the building to UoL but trading it or leasing it. I know for a fact that back in Feb something was in the works with Uof L and they were told to get ready to move any day. Since this is July I guess it didn’t happen.

    If you think that the guys in parks wouldn’t try to pull one over on someone and not go thru the public process. then you are wrong. and it was something worth checking on. sounds like you checked on it.

    You trying to say I just made this stuff up is wrong. why would an assistant parks director tell more than one employee to get ready to move. that a deal is in the works with UofL for the building.

    If someone doesn’t keep this guys in check then who will ?

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