Greg Fischer Seriously Wants To Raise Your Taxes

Just a reminder that Greg Fischer actually wants to raise your taxes. And it’s not even a Republican lie. He truly does, with a local option sales tax, making the things you buy cost even more. [Business Lexington]

One has to wonder how Richard Beliles can file an ethics complaint against Barbara Shanklin and her small time money machine while ignoring bigger scandals. [C-J/AKN]

TARC’S Job Hunter Bus will be available to job seekers attending two upcoming job fairs. [FOX41]

A judge has bound the case of a Western Kentucky man charged with murder after police found him with a body in a shopping cart over to a grand jury. [H-L]

Thousands of documents obtained by [WHAS11] contain plenty of questions about how hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants were spent. Much of the paperwork points back to embattled Metro Council Member Barbara Shanklin. [WHAS11]

There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that Mitch McConnell hasn’t foamed at the mouth about something without ever offering an alternative. [Page One]

Some old lady named Barry Manilow has donated a piano to Jefferson County Public Schools. [WKYT]

Greg Fischer, along with the ignorant help of Jim Gray, isn’t just pushing to raise taxes on people who already can’t afford it. He’s also allowing a handful of asshats to sink his entire administration with nastiness. [The ‘Ville Voice]

This is why the West End can’t have nice things. A man is charged with domestic violence, and police say his weapons were eggs and a pencil. [WLKY]

Speaking before the Louisville Forum on Wednesday, Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad challenged residents and city institutions to do more to detour violent crime while addressing a probe into Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin’s office. [WFPL]

The Indiana Department of Transportation [yesterday] opened bids from six teams seeking to design and build the first part of the East End crossing for the Ohio River Bridges Project. [Business First]

People are freaking out so hard over bridge repairs that they can barely breathe. Local teevee folks just make it worse. [WAVE3]

6 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Seriously Wants To Raise Your Taxes

  1. Why Are you opposed to giving KY cities the option to levy a nonpermanent local sales tax to help fund capital improvement projects?

  2. Where did we say or imply we’re against it? Or raising taxes in general?

    Pointing out the facts – even sarcastically – doesn’t mean one is against something.

    That said – thought you were moving to the hot region of… there… for school? Thanks for commenting from my favorite place.

  3. Apologies, didn’t realize you were being sarcastic which made me wonder if there was something I was missing about this particular method of financing city projects as it seems to be pretty good way of securing funding.

  4. Rather than raising state OR local sales tax rates, I would like them first expanded to include luxury services. If more is needed, expand them to another tier of non-essential services. Only as a last resort raise the rates on (non-luxury) goods.

  5. Before anyone decides to raise taxes maybe they need to look at the revenue streams that are out there but not being collected. The first one to come to mind is mobile homes and what a lucrative business it is throughout the state because they do not pay taxes appropriately. for instance you own a mobile home in Jefferson county you go to Bobbi Holsclaw’s office to transfer title…that is on the Avis system. Mobile Homes are real property in the state so if deliquent taxes are owed it is on a different system. Even though both offices are controlled by Holsclaw neither one checks with the other to make sure that taxes are paid before a transfer is givden. another thing that comes to mind is the medicaid recovery in Kentucky sucks. Houses sit empty and decay for years because the state is waiting for the estate of the deceased to sell the house and take payment. The estate doesn’t want to incur costs to file and will and since they know the house is going to the state they have no incentive to do so…..I can think of lots of things I have found out where revenue streams are not being collected. I guess I need to call Mary Lasiter one day.

  6. As long as “it’s a specific project with a specific time line and the voters in that locale would vote on that,” it sounds like a good idea. But I seriously doubt that the language in the final law will include that cumbersome clause about voters voting on the project.

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