Ethics? What Ethics? There Are No Ethics Here

Want to be involved in a new effort from Page One and The ‘Ville Voice to focus on ad-free, citizen-funded investigative journalism? It’ll trend toward more long form work. [Jump In]

Don’t worry, that dang bridge is never going to reopen. You should probably just call in sick. [FOX41]

Today at 1:30 the Metro Council Planning & Zoning committee will continue its discussion of proposed changes to the Landmarks Ordinance. A final vote is expected. [Agenda]

It’s sad that the girl went missing. But she’s a pretty white girl and that’s all the media will discuss. Never a mention of any non-white kid missing in the region. [WAVE3]

Sure, you see news of Steve Beshear creating child death review panels. But you see very little about a judge holding the Cabinet in contempt. That’s because the press releases and media battle was designed that way by the governor’s office. [H-L]

Dear WHAS11: only linking people to a petition against a proposed housing development doesn’t qualify as giving people an opportunity to voice their concerns for and against something. [WHAS11]

Barbara Shanklin has retained an attorney in the ethics probe. Because we all know it’s completely ethical to put your entire family on the dole – even when they’re in jail – just because you’re a Metro Councilcritter. [C-J/AKN]

Gannett Co. Inc., the McLean, Va.-based media company that owns The Courier-Journal newspaper, reported a drop in second-quarter revenue and profit despite a boost in digital revenue. [Business First]

The Louisville Metro Ethics Commission still cannot compel witnesses to testify, which could impact a possible hearing involving Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin. [WFPL]

Breaking news! A bunch of people were arrested on drug charges at a music festival. Because that’s what happens. [WLKY]

3 thoughts on “Ethics? What Ethics? There Are No Ethics Here

  1. Re: the Speir case. That is so true. I didn’t realize that until there was an ep of CSI: Miami, where a white and a Hispanic girl disappeared. The white girl got all of the attention and the Hispanic girl nothing until the cops brought it to the media’s attention. Yeah, I know it’s TV and fictionalized, but if you stop to think about it, it happens all the time.

  2. So, metro permitted a concert to exist on David Karem’s ‘great yawn’ and 2 dozen people were arrested for felong drug use and selling. Sounds like the defense lawyers will assert the age old ‘enticement to crime’ defense. Ole’ David pulled one off again. Wonder if he’s goin’ to use this tactic in the public school system which he champions around here?

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