Connie Marshal Speaks Again & It Is Super-Sad

Oh lawwwwd. Now Connie Marshall is claiming that LMPD beat her.

Here’s a comment she left on The ‘Ville Voice last night:

Connie Marshall // Jul 8, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Please see my website for the truth regarding what occurred on June 26, 2012. The LG&E Rep. did not have I.D. and refused to give his last name. Also the police refused to give a report number. I did not drag a police officer, but I was beaten by the police and those pictures are on my website, Also patents for Directed Energy Weapons are on my website, including audios and videos. Know the truth.

And here are the goodies from her own website:


On June 26, 2012, I left my home briefly to drop my grandson off downtown. A couple of days earlier I spoke with Louisville Gas and Electric Company regarding the Smart Meters that they have been installing at my home and made a request to have it taken off of my home.

So she freely admits SHE is the person who requested LG&E come to her property. And then she wants to go even more crazy on them when they get there. Okay, got it.

She continues:

I am currently receiving Social Security Disability for “Frequency Devices and Neurological problems,” therefore a Smart Meter is a hazard to my health. Also, I have never given permission for LG&E to install this “Surveillance” Meter on my home. For the record in 2010 LG&E came to my home while I was away and left a hanging tag that stated they were at my home and had my service off for about 15 minutes and I had not requested a service call. When I arrived home from work I begin having Extreme Muscle spasms and Extreme Sleep Deprivation so severe that I lost my job due to lack of sleep.


Read the rest of this hot mess after the jump…


On June 26, 2012 LG&E was again at my property and I went to the meter and saw a very wide black item behind the Smart Meter that they previously installed. I ask them what it was and I was told that it was a Recorder and that they wanted to leave it on my house for a week to find out why the meter was not working properly. For the record the problems that I reported was electrical appliances overheating, extreme muscle spasms and damaged property. I also stated that I feared that they were going to catch my house on fire with the extreme amounts of heat that they were daily sending through my outlets, and I do fear that the wiring in my home has been destroyed by these excessive amouts of heat aimed at my home. Due to the fact that I told them to remove the Smart Meter and to install the Analog Meter it appeared to me that they were using my home as a test site by installing a Recorder when I requested by telephone that they remove the Smart Meter. About a week before I reported to LG&E a damaged computer laptop battery, a damaged desktop computer, a damaged internet modem and two damaged cell phone batteries, all destroyed by excessive heat directed to my home. for more information regarding damaged property see page on the Website entitled, “DEW/Electric Property Damage,” also see Connie Marshall’s Journal.

Two words: surge protector.

I ask the LG&E Representative’s that were on my property for their ID and their names and one of them told me his name was Massey. When I heard his name and I looked at him, I remembered having a previous problem with him and Jerry Belcher, his Supervisor, however I did not tell him that I knew who he was, see page on this website regarding Oct. 12, 2010 entitled, “Louisville Gas & Electric” regarding Jerry Belcher” also note on Oct. 12, 2010 LG&E stated that they did not send these LG&E workers to my home. I ask the other LG&E Representative for his name and ID and he stated, “I left my I.D. at home. I then ask him for his last name and he stated that he was not giving it to me. I found this strange because Utility Workers are supposed to provide the customer with proof that they are truly with the company that they are representing.

She goes on and on and even includes photographs of the LG&E workers, which we will not republish here out of respect for them.

But here’s where it gets good:

After he Police Officer (Chandler, not sure of name) took my report on a legal pad, I ask him for the report number. He stated that he was not going to give me a report number. I told him that I wanted to talk to the Chief and he stated, “I’m about as high as you are going to go.” I then told the clerk that I wanted to speak to the Chief and the officers told me that I was not going to. I was then told that I was being disruptive and that I had to leave. Officer B. Hogan became aggressive when I stated that I was going to report them to Professional Standards and he put his hand on me and told me to leave as I was going down the steps. B. Hogan followed me out and when we got outside he said, “You’re going to jail.” I said, “For what, I haven’t done anything?” B. Hogan started toward me and I got in my car, I then stated, “You can kiss my ass,” because I have been tormented by the police for years and no one will do anything to discipline them. Fearing for my life due to the extreme amout of corruption in the Louisville Metro Police, I pulled out and he was behind my car (I was not trying to run over him or back into him and I did not do either). B. Hogan jumped in his car and started chasing me and turned on the siren. I feared for my life due to the corruption and kept going, I was not speeding, however he could not catch up to me because traffic was heavy. I then saw several other police cars following me. At no time did I drag a police officer or even try to hit a police officer. I came to a stop at 1st and Broadway and B. Hogan was bamming on my window stating, I’ll break out the dam window get out of this car.” I opened the door to get out and was trying to get the keys out of the ignition and I was yanked out of the car by my left arm slammed on the ground and someone was stomping on my back, while someone else was twisting my wrist extremely tight. My chin was scratched, legs scratched, arms scratched and my back and head were in extreme pain. I was sat on the curb for display and then thrown in the back of a hot police car while they waited for the ambulance to come to take me to the hospital.

You should for real go read the rest of this sad mess.

Hopefully someone will get a mental inquest warrant for this poor woman and get her the help she deserves. Goodness gracious.

One thing we’ll note about LMPD – and in Connie’s favor – the department apparently gives less than a flip about the mentally ill and that needs to change. Rather than locking her up, they ought to have gotten her the help she needs.

A similar situation is currently going on in the 5th Police District involving a mentally ill woman and the department just rolls its eyes.

Hopefully Connie’s situation can help change everything for the better.

27 thoughts on “Connie Marshal Speaks Again & It Is Super-Sad

  1. I’m told that they have tried to get an MIW or even take out criminal charges on her for her calling of 911 a zillion times a day, but that the County Attorney refuses to consider that evidence of mental illness.

  2. That’s one area where the county attorney and LMPD do a piss poor job: dealing with mentally ill individuals.

    There’s a mentally ill woman roaming Crescent Hill – behind the wheel of a vehicle – and even threatening people with knives. 5th District has literally been letting her wreak havoc for years.

    It’s so bad that most people have stopped caring and the woman is going to end pissing off the wrong person some day.

  3. She falls in a crack – too crazy to prosecute but not crazy enough to lock up. Sadly, in both cases, sooner or later, something bad is going to happen. I know CM is of endless frustration to LMPD and to MetroSafe, which documents every call. WAVE did a story on her in May that demonstrated the County Attorney’s unwillingness to do anything – despite being asked to do so.

  4. Jake it doesn’t help that the systems release the people almost as soon as they are brought in. The courts are hesitant to place longer holds. The cops and ems get exhausted with dealing with the same crazies week to week, sometimes day to day. The state and federal funding for many of the programs to help these people have withered or disappeared. In the end being crazy isn’t illegal. Sad, frustrating, but not illegal.

  5. Some folks – like Connie and the other woman I referenced – definitely have the ability to pay for their own care and would not be a burden to taxpayers. It’s just that no one wants to take them seriously.

    In fact, the other woman is often referenced by 5th District officers as “that crazy black lady” – like her race matters.

    I get that officers are overworked. I get that they have to deal with these people on a daily basis. But there comes a point when enough is enough.

    Connie is putting the public in danger if she is driving. So is the other woman.


  6. Knowing nothing about the woman personally, how is it that she can afford such care? She mentioned that she lost her job, what was her job?

    And it does no good for LMPD to arrest her if the County Attorney refuses to prosecute her or to keep hauling her to University if they are going to just kick her out immediately as not a danger to herself or others.

  7. There are alot of crazy people like Connie out among us. When I worked for the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office I encountered them all the time. A man with a play phone in his pocket who would come in and talk to the FBI, the nicely dressed woman who would come in and swear that the tv people were watching her thru her tv at home, the woman and man who showed up in my office wanting a public defender (they had straw all matted in their hair and he was dressed in military fatigues), he said he didn’t know it was a state trooper in eastern kentucky that he was shooting at. How about the crazy woman that was barred from St. John V for attacking a nun and parishoners when they prayed at the statute of Mary. I could go on and on…surely to God we can do better with the mentally ill that what we have been doing.

  8. We have to do better as a community.

    If people aren’t able to care for themselves or are a danger to others, it’s up to the community to do the right thing.

  9. But Jake, she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her, so I doubt she has disability. I don’t know for sure, but she doesn’t believe she is mentally disabled in any way. She claims injuries from the assaults, but doesn’t apparently get any medical care for them.

  10. I know she SAYS she is on it, but to be honest, I have my doubts (for specific reasons). She isn’t going to get treatment voluntarily for a problem she doesn’t think she has, and since the County Attorney has specifically said he won’t do anything about her, what do you do? He is the ONLY person that can bring an action (criminal or MIW) against her.

  11. She says she’s on disability. That’s good enough.

    And in this town, with the powers that be, a MIW is nigh impossible.

  12. What about the crime commission looking at the problem and issuing aformal report? or what about the judical term looking at it and asking is there anything they can do to improve the situation…or at last resort someone bringing as class action suit against the county attorneys office for failure to perform his duties to protect the people of Jefferson County. Mike needs to step up to the plate or retire. He has turned out to be the same ole, same ole with no balls to make change happen.

  13. The point is, she isn’t going to seek mental health care voluntarily, that’s obvious. And the only way to force it is to get an MIW or get her before the court on a criminal matter so that the court can force it. An MIW isn’t going to happen without the cooperation of the County Attorney. And I agree with Debbie – but the crime commission is worse than useless, I’ve never seen them actually DO anything at all.

  14. When I was on the Crime Commission we did get a few things done but only because I rattled so many cages and they wanted me to shut up (ie, warrants etc). What about the FOP leadership writing a formal letter of complaint to the County Attorney’s office and a letter to the general term. Mike is a wannabe a judge again like before and not a true advocate for the people putting protection and prosecution above his go along, get along attitude. In the mean time the Connie run loose amongst us.

  15. Not even that if the doctors don’t agree to an initial hold. I am wondering what will happen when she actually goes to court? I’d love to see the FOP complain, but little hope that they will for fear that they will face even more retaliation.

  16. In fairness, don’t forget that most of these LMPD folks are overworked and literally don’t have the time to deal with people like Connie.

  17. I forgot to tell you all that my former employer Tony Lindauer was attacked by one of these crazy people last year. He was going to eat on
    Bardstown Road when he was attacked, black eye and busted lip. The police told him to take out a warrant I looked up his criminal history on courtnet and told him to forget it and don’t waste his time. He was one of the revolving door fruitcakes. My heart goes out to the neighborhoods that have to daily put up with these people. Unfortunately it will take the big guns like the FOP complaining PUBLICLY before Mike will ever make a change.

  18. Will Mike make a change when out-of-town chiefs of police begin complaining privately?

    Because that’s happening now. Not with Connie, though, who obviously deserves help.

  19. Steve Conrad could do it privately, but I doubt that he would go public…Jake what are the other big cities doing with this issue. Our FOP’s really do carry weight especially because so many people are running for re-election. Watch Mikes office start sending out all kind of press releases now (Bill Pateson) about how their hands are tied dealing with the mentally ill in Louisville and how he is here to protect and serve.

  20. In my opinion, we are compassionate to a fault and to the detriment of the sane people who have to live in fear of them. St. John V had to get a restraining order against Patricia Smith, but since when do crazy people care about restraining orders. I for one want tax dollars spent to deal with the mentally ill on the streets and taking them off the streets if they refuse to take ttheir medicine and put us in dangers way.

  21. Thanks, Debbie, I was trying to remember the name of Patricia Smith the other day, when all this started – I well remember how that went round and round until I believe, she killed someone? Then, suddenly, they could find a way to keep her locked up. And Peter Bard, of course, who murdered Deputy Cheeks – and who is now out and I am sure, will sooner or later, do something else – or get killed himself.

  22. The problem is, there is no one entity that can and will work toward getting these folks someplace where they can be safe, and not put everyone else at risk as well. LMPD gets called over and over to the same locations to deal with the same people, and can do literally nothing but arrest them, even though they know that isn’t the way to deal with it. But taking them to university is useless, they just medicate them and kick them out the door, and once the meds wear off, they are right back where they were before. It isn’t compassionate to do that. One of the hallmarks of many mental illneses is that they don’t believe they are mentally ill, and as such, aren’t going to take medication to help with a problem they don’t believe they have.

  23. Or, in some instances, officers go apeshit on neighbors calling with concern.

    Or they see the mentally ill in question do dangerous things that could harm someone and then just shove them inside their home, ignoring the situation.

    Or they know they’re wondering around outside with a baseball bat and a knife and just roll their eyes.

    Little things like that.

    I get that LMPD is often overworked and officers routinely get tired of dealing with the same crazies. But when they’re a threat to public safety, there IS something they can do. They most certainly can take complaints seriously. And they can most certainly think twice before getting nasty with those expressing concern.

    We’re watching it over and over and over in Crescent Hill with two 5th District officers. And with county prosecutors who just roll their eyes because they can’t be bothered.

    At some point, someone is going to get killed by someone mentally ill like this and the mountains of police reports and case histories will spill out into the press in the most embarrassing way possible. Then Compassionate Possibility City will probably start paying attention.

  24. Visit my website and hear the audio of the Louisville Metro Police Dept. stating the following:

    I’m glad we finally got you, you’re in our system and we’re gonna keep you in our system for a very long time. I’m so happy about this – Inaudible- get you off the street – Inaudible – We’re gonna keep you locked up Forever.

    This is incriminating in that it proves the LMPD have been stalking, tormenting and harassing me for years as he states “I’m so glad we FINALLY go you.

    Oh and by the way my injuries also include a chest contusion, slight enlargement of my heart and compression injury from being stomped on by the Louisville Metro Police.

    Further, the Louisville Metro Police should not have followed me out of the Police Station looking for a confrontation. While you’re on my website see the other pages with videos and audios of the Louisville Metro Police. (Police Fire Videos and Pics, Police Reports etc. Also educate yourself and go to the Patent Page on my Website. But, as they say ignorance is bliss.

    May God give you exactly what you deserve.
    Connie Marshall

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