Former Tea Party Candidate Makes Big Step

Former Democratic Tea Party candidate Wendy Caswell just announced on Facebook the following:

Just donated the last of my campaign money to the Wounded Warrior Project. Have you thanked a Vet lately?

More candidates should follow suit!

Not just Wounded Warriors but all sorts of charities.

4 thoughts on “Former Tea Party Candidate Makes Big Step

  1. Good for Caswell for publicly patting herself on the back about it on Facebook. Anybody know how much she had left in her war chest? I tried to find the post but she had accepted soooo many friend requests that I got bitter and gave up after the 4th page.

  2. You see patting herself on her back…I see her challenging others to do the same and leading by example.

  3. I see a typical politician who wouldn’t hesitate to strip veterans of the “welfare rights” they earned but still wants to wrap herself in the popular flag of supporting the troops.

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