Possibility City: Firefighter Mess Is Still Smoldering

Another duh moment for Metro Government: a judge says firefighters deserve back pay. Louisville metro government likely owes millions of dollars in back interest to more than 100 retired city firefighters shorted on their pension payments since 1985, a Jefferson County judge has ruled. Should have listened to common sense and Ann Oldfather. Should have known Mayor McCheese was a disaster. [C-J/AKN]

Some drunk guy was arrested for setting off fireworks. Guess no one has noticed that half the city is doing the same thing? [FOX41]

You should definitely go read what Ronnie Ellis wrote about traveling into Eastern Kentucky. Glad to see he’s as intoxicated by the mountains of Appalachia as we are today. [Daily Independent]

A restaurant shut its doors and the East End Lady Of Leisure crowd is freaking out. Goes without saying that this isn’t news, right? Because the guy made his loot catering for Churchill Downs, not at the restaurant? The real news is that the city has spent years throwing money at Cordish Cos. while ignoring local restuarants like this and Baxter Station. [WAVE3]

Umm…. maybe the traffic control at the NASCAR race was a “tremendous success” because fewer people went this time? [H-L]

Here’s one of the many stories focusing on how many of the seats were empty. [WHAS11]

We don’t know anybody who believes TARC will be able to really use that $20 million grant to “help the needy” reduce the impact of bridge tolls. [C-J/AKN]

You can’t even go to sleep these days without waking up to find someone has crawled through your window and is sexually assaulting you. [WLKY]

Greg Fischer gave yet another person a high-paying job. How will this one for Paula Wahl turn out? [Business First]

Louisville has received $1.6 million in diesel emission grants that officials say will be used to buy diesel filters for city vehicles to reduce air pollution. [WKYT]

8 thoughts on “Possibility City: Firefighter Mess Is Still Smoldering

  1. We knew Jerry was a disaster. Too bad we can’t garnish his wages for his role in the debacle. Louisville will always vote for the democrat, unfortunately.
    105,000 people is nothing to groan about. Many NASCAR tracks have seen a drop in attendance that they say is due to the economy. It looked good on teevee.

  2. With over 4 million is appointed salaries in Metro governement, maybe it is time to rethink appointments and let the bureaucracy be run by the lower cost merit employees?

    I also wonder if the city sued the kentucky retirement system, demanding a outside review of the money, maybe the krs would “find” the money {such as th 4.8 million they moved from the city balloon payment earlier this year into the KSP and state retirement fundes from the CERS}

  3. The politicians like kicking the financial can down the road. The back pay for the retired fire fighters is one. The big one yet to come, paying for the YUM center.

  4. I went to the race last year and as we are all aware, traffic control was awful. Thought about going this year but, with the heat and having been caught in the horible traffic mess here in Louisville on numerous occasions, I decided to watch it on TV.

  5. Only went to that place once and have hoped for its closing ever since. You don’t go around hitting on other mens wives and not have karma circle back on you.

  6. Steve: If you remember back, Larry Hayes was the Finance Director for Happy Pants’ administration, when the decision was made to fight the Firemen!!!! NOW Mr. Hayes is the STATE’S ECONOMIC CHIEF and the newly-appointed head of the YUM(!) Center and Happy Pants is Lt. Goober. O-U-C-H

    Louisvillians, better get the K-1 Jelly out — you’re getting ready for a nightmare double dose of Hayes/Happy Pants’ financial brilliance.

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