Your Regular LMAS Funtimes Idiocy Post

We hear there’s a nice little outbreak of disease going on at Louisville Metro Animal Services. I.E., animals being returned because they’re super-sick.

Obviously, it’s being kept extremely quiet/denied. Just like the continued flood of dogs leaving LMAS facilities with extreme Kennel Cough.

But that’s par for the course.

LMAS took a project that’s been going for years – something called Furry Features – and essentially killed it. It was a weekly newsletter/release that included photos and information about dozens of adoptable animals that was spread far and wide by advocacy organizations throughout the metro area. So what’d LMAS do? Killed it by including just five dogs and five cats in a release that gets distributed to next to no one.

Communications lockdown is SOP for LMAS.

Note: We’ll have something about LMAS in a few weeks that has Sadiqa Reynolds and Greg Fischer already sweating.

5 thoughts on “Your Regular LMAS Funtimes Idiocy Post

  1. Ms Reynolds was very clear when she acquired her position within LMAS that she would be gone in a years time. I’m counting the days and hoping she fulfills at least this promise.

  2. Is she not part of fischers dream team running the place? I misspoke, however her position within the city does directly correlate with LMAS. As Chief of Community Building it was stated that her job was to make Louisville a more compassionate city. When it comes to LMAS, she stated “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”.

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