Will The World End If Fox Isn’t On Your Cable?

Ford Motor Co will pursue its boldest attempt yet to tackle a nearly $50 billion risk to its business when it begins offering lump-sum pension payout offers to 98,000 white-collar retirees and former employees this summer. [Reuters]

Guess who got removed from Time Warner/Insight/Whatever Cable. Yep, WDRB/FOX41. [FOX41]

The bonds issued to build the KFC Yum! Center are now classified as “junk” status by Moody’s Investors Service, meaning the rating agency thinks the bonds are particularly risky investments. [C-J/AKN]

Just what Louisville needs! Another deadly shooting. This time near Iroquois Park. [WAVE3]

This should send Marilyn Parker and crew into a fit of rage. Mitch Daniels is a member of the Bilderberg Group. [Dahahaha]

Ruh ro, an appeals panel scolded Karen Sypher’s attorney for repeatedly making assertions that weren’t backed by evidence in the trial record. Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey said the argument “appeared to be a waste of everybody’s time.” [WHAS11]

Nolan offered claims that Sypher wasn’t properly represented by attorney James Earhart, and that he didn’t call witnesses who might’ve testified positively about the ex-trade show model. [84WHAS]

Kentucky officials signaled Thursday they will change how prisoners are executed, opening the door to using a single drug instead of the current three-drug method that has been challenged by inmates who call it cruel and unusual punishment. [H-L]

Some lady was hoarding cats in J-town. Because that is apparently a nice life to live. [WLKY]

The top pick of Kentucky Retirement Systems to lead that organization has once again been sued. That’d be the guy Greg Fischer’s honcho wants to pick, obviously. [Page One]

A federal judge has given the Environmental Protection Agency one week to set standards for fine particle pollution across the United States. These are the fine particles that come out of factories, power plants and automobiles. [WFPL]

Greg Fischer can afford to spend $450,000 of your tax dollars to buy land near Fairdale for a park but can’t afford to feed the animals at Metro Animal Services. That’s compassion, right? [Business First]

4 thoughts on “Will The World End If Fox Isn’t On Your Cable?

  1. Doesn’t bother me that Fox isn’t on cable – since I don’t have cable either. I watched it on my TV just fine this morning. Who has time to watch TV?

  2. Isn’t WDRB the only local station that presents real-time on-the-spot captioning of the news for the hearing impaired? IF I subscribed to cable, & IF I had that impairment, I would find this a significant loss. :'(

  3. Where is the “logic” that “evidence” omitted or disallowed or disregarded or un-investigated and is therefore not part of Sypher’s official “trial record” should CONTINUE to be shunned, uh, because it was shunned all along?…

  4. Mr. Lamb, would you mine telling us how much the offer is and how much you are wanting per household? Be glad to make the call for you once I know what amount of dollars we are talking about.

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