Weird: Lexington Company Just Bought WBKI

Some Lexington company, LM Communications, just bought WBKI.

Remember that station and how it failed like 85 times because jesus?

They sent out a fancy Word doc (that is still a thing? the new owner sent it from an AOL address) about it:

“I am very excited to purchase my first television station,” said Martin, “and especially happy that my first acquisition serves the largest city here in my home state. I believe WBKI has tremendous unrealized potential and I plan to explore and utilize all opportunities available to me to elevate WBKI into a much stronger TV station that it’s traditionally been.

“Being a local Kentucky owner will be one of my greatest assets in the effort to grow the station’s share of viewers in the Louisville market. For the first time, critical decisions regarding policy and operations at WBKI will be made locally on a daily basis, and I believe that gives my company an advantage that previous owners have never enjoyed.”

This should be… oh, wait, no one even remembers that station.

Back to your reg-luhly scheduled afternoon of taking secret sips of bourbon while eating Crunch n Munch.

6 thoughts on “Weird: Lexington Company Just Bought WBKI

  1. I had high hopes for this station when they first entered the market as a replacement for WBNA as the Louisville affiliate of The WB in 1999. And at the beginning, they were considered one of the success stories among The WB affiliates nationwide (I know, that is like winning the prize for shiniest penny, but it was something). It didn’t take them long to devolve into airing low-budget syndicated programming which most people have never even heard of, half-baked local affairs shows, and even somehow managing to make their 10 PM newscast from WHAS look like some low budget affair (and the irony here is that I have few qualms with WHAS on their own station, but that 10 PM newscast on WBKI looks to me like an utter embarrassment to even the lowest points of WHAS). Who knew that the days of WWWB airing reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Mama’s Family would look like gold compared to what they have today? That speaks volumes for how the station has fallen from what was at best mediocre success at the start.

  2. Maybe a month or so ago I stopped being able to receive that station with my rooftop OTA antenna. Thought they went off the air until about 10 days ago I heard Doug Proffitt on WHAS refer to their 10pm newscast on that station. Hunh? It must still be broadcasting SOMEwhere. So I went to their site – which highlighted that areas NORTH of Louisville were currently unable to get their OTA broadcast. I e-mailed them that I also couldn’t get it – in Germantown. No response from them whatsoever. Wonder if new owner will now respond…

  3. I have cable, but I like to check to see what I can get with my antenna every now and then in the Highlands. Since the DTV transition in Louisville, I’ve been able to pick up (by antenna) roughly 25 channels (including subchannels). WLKY, WDRB, and WMYO have always been flawless, WAVE and WHAS have always been manageable with a little bit of antenna finagling, and WBNA and even WNDA (and even some other smaller religious channels of unknown origin). No matter what I do, though, WBKI has NEVER, EVER, EVER come in for me through my antenna. Ever. Even pre-DTV, their signal was mostly just a bunch of snow on both channel 28 and 34 (I’m not even sure which one was the right one, they advertised themselves as “channel 7” to cater to cable customers back then even). Maybe that is part of the problem with this channel, they are marketing to a city where they can’t even be viewed by antenna.

  4. This memory is hazy as it was 12 years ago I think, but WBKI put a retransmitter on top of the 800 Building downtown to hit a tower in IN to transmit over the air in Louisville. They may have been WBBB then so who knows if the retrans ever worked or if it still exists. I haven’t owned an antenna since the early 1990s so I have no idea on reception locally.

  5. If he runs this TV station the way he runs his radio stations, I’d emplore the current employees of WBKI to look for new jobs and fast. Lynn Martin was always more concerned about how many toys he has and not about how he gets them.

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