Spotted At Zoofari: Following In Greg’s Footsteps

Look, it’s our two favorite people, Justin Scally and Sadiqa Reynolds at Zoofari:

Following in Greg Fischer’s footsteps as darlings of the local social magazine, The Voice-Tribune.

Who wants to bet they didn’t pay a dime for their tickets?

Note: There’s a strange relationship that has developed between Jim King and the LMAS/Fischer folks and it only makes sense that Jim King’s wife, who sits on the Zoo board, would want to be affiliated with them. Despite, of course, loud protestations from other board members just a few months ago about the two. You’ll recall that several members of the Zoo board came to us to express concerns over Reynolds’ attempted meddling at the Zoo. And over “secret” meetings Debbie King was holding at her private office.

Possibility City!

16 thoughts on “Spotted At Zoofari: Following In Greg’s Footsteps

  1. You would think the dollars Justin makes he could afford a big boy suit. He looks like a cheesy extra from Miami Vice, the 80s tv show.

    Wonder if they paid for their tickets? The event isn’t cheap and is put on by the Friends of the Zoo so they would have to pay like everyone else.

  2. I was just being an ass Jake. Of course she doesn’t. It’s all a stinking mess…like the walking into the bat exhibit.

  3. I’m pretty sure Scally didn’t get the memo its a creative black tie. What a joke. The guy on the right tries to save animals and teach the public about life on our planet and the poorly dressed d-bag on the left cares only about saving his own ass. If they did pay for tickets I wonder if it came out of their own budgets? Someone please tell me they got in for free or used funds from their budgets to purchase tickets. Either way its another example of these baffoons putting themselves above the taxpayers. Strange realtionship indeed. I am embarassed for the Zoo. A community assest aligning itself with folks who don’t give a damn about anything, but themselves. Debbie King must have learned from her husband on how not to lead. Secret meetings, bad hires, and lack of transparency and no knowledge of the daily life at the Zoo (short on Keepers and Vets) is a page right out of Fischy’s playbook. Guess they are all the same. Not a single one of them is good for our community.

  4. But Justin had a good excuse for not dressing up, I bet, like ‘I came straight from the shelter.’

  5. In my opinion all these jokers want to do anymore is act like they are are celebrity’s . they want all the glory of the job without doing their job. It’s getting to be a joke.

  6. lateshift is right on. I could careless if he showed up in his Superman pull-ups. Its about preception and respect. No one is going to take this meatball seriously. When people like John Walzcak fall over themselves pandering to this yahoos and if the Voice-Tribune stop acting like these are the only folks in town this crap will continue. Who knows, maybe the Zoo has a deal with LMAS. Any animal Walzcak sees unfit, he calls Scally to rid him of the burden. It’s funny that a few years ago, the Zoo held an adoption fair in front of the Zoo for NKL and LMAS. I bet that wont happen ever again. Especially with Patty Swope and Humane Money Grabbers Society on the Zoo board with look-the-other-way Queen King

  7. If It was me and I had one of those top Metro director jobs I would avoid photo ops at all cost.
    no mater if they are innocent attendees or not, it just doesn’t look good to the general public. It’s a different story when it’s someone from the private sector. but a person from a government entity posing for what looks like a red carpet picture in my opinion screams unethical and only opens them up to questions. of course If I was a gambling man I would bet none of these folks paid their own way to this event. and I’m sure they feel entitled to attend for free after all in their minds it’s a perk that comes with their job. Like I said before they consider themselves celebrity’s.

  8. All of Metro is a damn joke. These jackasses stand around posing for an east end gossip mag. I’m sure Sadiqa ran to the nearest news stand to get a copy so she can see herself. The elephants could run Metro and the Zoo better than these self-indulged morons. What’s most sad is that this website is only media paying attention to Fischy and his crew pathetic ability to govern. They couldn’t manage their way out of ziplock baggie. Every media outlet turns a blind eye to the buffoonery of these sacks of shit exhibit every day.

  9. Maybe Sadiqa is a celebrity she looks a whole lot like the lady in the popeye’s commercials

  10. Quit, Lateshift, you’re killing me. Maybe we should ask what’s next week’s specials at Popeye’s?

  11. Next weeks special is the Fischer is a Chicken Dinner. it comes with a large side of Dirty Judy Rice and Corruption Coleslaw don’t forget with your special you also get the famous Abramson butters Beshear’s biscuit and to wash it all down is super sized Shanklin Shake.

  12. The impression I got after meeting Sadiqa several times. it’s my opinion she is someone who loves power, and gets a real kick out of pushing people around. It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t see her trying to run for Mayor in the future.

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