Really Compassionate With All Those Murders

New information made public by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week suggests that the Louisville area could violate the agency’s new standard for fine particles and soot when it is put in place later this year. [C-J/AKN]

Did you hear? Another person was shot dead in Louisville because it’s such a compassionate city. [FOX41]

Americans heard something on the U.S. Senate floor last Wednesday that they haven’t heard for nearly three years: a coal-state senator and longtime supporter of the coal industry speak eloquent truth to power. [Tom Eblen]

Read this story about some awful human being in New Albany and see how long it takes your blood to boil. [WAVE3]

Most Americans oppose President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform even though they strongly support most of its provisions, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Sunday, with the Supreme Court set to rule within days on whether the law should stand. [Reuters]

344 people got laid off from a credit card processing company in Louisville and next to no one in the press sees that as significant. [WHAS11]

The latest corruption and wasted money shenanigans from Barbara Shanklin will make your skin crawl in rage. And you wonder why Louisville can’t have nice things. [C-J/AKN]

Yet another great story for your Monday morning coffee. Remember that guy who beat his wife to death with a rock last year? He hanged himself. [WLKY]

Officials hope to bring entrepreneurs to downtown Jeffersonville by showing off some of the area’s available properties. [Business First]

So far this year, there have been ten days when air quality is forecasted to be bad in the Louisville area, and as the summer wears on there will be many more. [WFPL]

You know how you tell yourself everything in Southern Indiana smells like poop so you don’t have to go over there? It apparently does and Clarksville has finally decided to do something about it. [News & Tribune]

What this story about Yum! Brands maybe stealing music from The Black Keys for a Pizza Hut commercial doesn’t tell you? They often use a local ad guy who is supposed to handle that sort of thing. Here’s betting he doesn’t get much work from them in the future. [More WHAS11]

5 thoughts on “Really Compassionate With All Those Murders

  1. Jake, the C-J “clickies” no longer work for unsubscribed readers. Couldn’t even get Google’s cached version of the latest Shanklin story to open…

  2. Note that Jake doesn’t write every post.

    There’s plenty of information available online about how to clear your cache in order to access Gannett sites.

  3. Geesh, is anyone surprised another Council Critter abused their power and tried to hide it. Another example of why Louisville is screwed. We have a ineffective Mayor that is ignorant and arrogant. The we’ve got a self-serve Council. Jim King and Dems should be stepping up and ousting this public money-grubber. No costly faux trials, just ask her to resign. period. Jim King has shown he’s just one level below this behavior (see Zoo’s favortism and LMAS failures) Jim King is a puss and won’t do anything. He likes to hide behind the curtain and “say” he’s doing something behind-the-scenes. has no backbone to actually represent the interest of the taxpayers. Yup, Louisville loses again.

  4. Let’s see the County Attorney step up and go after some of the folks named in the article – for failing to pay local taxes, etc. And since when does the city just GIVE a valuable piece of property away? Who authorized that?

  5. Yum Brands steals from the Black Keys. The Black Keys steal from Junior Kimborugh and R.L. Burnside and the rest of the Mississippi Hills bluesmen. Who’s really getting screwed? Unfortunately Junior and R.L. are dead. I guess my point is you can’t really bitch when you steal something and then it gets stolen from you. I really wasn’t yours to begin with.

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