No Wonder Its Reporters Are Constantly Stressed

Mike Huot was the vice president for circulation at A Kentucky Newspaper and he was axed last fall. He’s still still listed as part of the paper’s circulation team:


His claim: He was wrongfully terminated because he was 62-years-old.

Why he’s claiming age discrimination: Because the paper told him the job was being eliminated. And then hired someone younger to fill the position.

Local media types are having a coronary over it all because the job pays a few hundred thousand bucks.

We’re rolling our eyes a bit because it seems Gannett has struck again. No wonder hardworking reporters there are always stressed out.

What’s your take?

UPDATE: That didn’t take long…

Thought the folks at the local paper didn’t read this nefarious, awful website? Interesting how that works.

6 thoughts on “No Wonder Its Reporters Are Constantly Stressed

  1. …and why does CJ “Subscription Rates Information” in today’s print edition list the bonus delivery days (New Years Day, Thanksgiving, etc) for 2011? Seems outdated to me. Don’t they have access to a calendar?

  2. I like how the C-J paywall forbids me from reading their Sunday article about JCPS. So I go to the Indianapolis Star, where I can read it in its entirety for FREE.

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