Let’s Go Ahead And Talk About This Thing

Because it is a good thing.

Eric Crawford resigned from A Kentucky Newspaper to take a new job with WDRB (remember that FOX station that used to be on your teevee?).

He’ll be writing columns and reporting for the station’s website – along with additional on-air work.

Rick Bozich is also moving to WDRB.

Let’s congratulate them both! (And then talk about what a tremendous loss this is for AKN and its bottom line…)

P.S. Jake says, according to Gannett sources, that circulation is rumored to be down 10,000 from a week ago.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Go Ahead And Talk About This Thing

  1. I guess the CJ will be a pamphlet with syndicated news stories and coupons by the end of the year….I guess it already is. It seems to me that there is a vacuum being created from local news. Maybe the local television stations will utilize their higher add revenues to support quality local writing on their websites.

    Maybe we see the elimination of newspapers altogether, with television and blogs taking up the slack for the local content. Who knows, maybe we’ll start to replace physically attractive copy readers with real journalists again.

  2. I subscribe to the Sunday only and called last week to cancel because they upped the rates (as you reported) so they lowered my rate to less than I was paying before! Strange way to do business! I will keep it for my beloved coupons for the 6 months they are giving it to me so cheap and then I shall cancel!

  3. Make that 10,002. I don’t mine paying an increase if the product is increased / improved. It has not. Goodbye CJ

  4. Since they cut down their web size I can no longer make paper hats big enough to fit an adult head… Goodbye CJ !

  5. I live in Lexington and have no need for home delivery, but have liked reading the C-J online since I left Louisville. I would even have paid a couple or three bucks a month to do it – but their initial ads seem to indicate that they set the new rates for online/data access the same as the rates for people who get home delivery + online access, and it’s too damned high and a ripoff for those of us who don’t want or need the hard copy. Even if there’s fine print on the home delivery price, it immediately pisses off the online-only readers (and would still be too high for online content, in any case).

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