Important Microwave Zapping Sexpert Arrested

What a sad week. Former mayoral candidate and important microwave zapping sexpert Connie Marshall (here & here) was arrested yesterday after leading police on a pursuit and dragging an officer with her car.

She was apparently trying to file trespassing charges against LG&E (please, hold your laughter, this is Connie Marshall we’re talking about).

Here’s the story about Connie’s brave stand from WHAS11:

Just this March she was in Washington, D.C. telling a presidential commission that she had never been involved in any criminal activity:

That wasn’t true for long.

Maybe LG&E was trying to “zap her booty” with “microwaves”?

The world may never know.

8 thoughts on “Important Microwave Zapping Sexpert Arrested

  1. This Woman is as crazy as they come. maybe it would have been fun if she had been elected Mayor.

  2. Some family member or someone who has the statutory prerogative to do needs to file commitment papers for her. This woman is obviously mentally unstable (to say the least). If there’s no such family member, since she’s now been arrested, maybe the judicial system can step in and find mandate the psychiatric help she needs. People like this are a danger to THEMSELVES AND TO THE PUBLIC.
    This story about this woman is NOT GOING TO END, NICELY. I just hope it ends without some innocent person or persons being seriously harmed or killed by her.

  3. When I saw this on the teevee last night, I thought the authorities kept examining her head for the presence of her tinfoil hat. ;D

  4. Welcome to Louisville AKA the New Orleans North of city government bullshit. Possum Billy’s City indeedy.

  5. Please see my website for the truth regarding what occurred on June 26, 2012. The LG&E Rep. did not have I.D. and refused to give his last name. Also the police refused to give a report number. I did not drag a police officer, but I was beaten by the police and those pictures are on my website, Also patents for Directed Energy Weapons are on my website, including audios and videos. Know the truth.

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