Holiday World Advertising Is So Perfectly Timed

Could this Kentucky Kingdom-Holiday World thing have had better timing?

It all coincided with the warm season… and a monster uptick in Holiday World advertising on every television station in the region. Seems like every five seconds there’s a Holiday World spot.

Months of free press for something positive (the opening of Kentucky Kingdom… but without, you know, rides). Then they pull out and play the victim (which they only partially are, thanks to the incompetence and corruption in Frankfort).

Timed so perfectly one would think it was almost purposefully planned this way.

3 thoughts on “Holiday World Advertising Is So Perfectly Timed

  1. I have to agree with the prior poster. I have to wonder if Ed Hart is paying you for advertising! Holiday world runs an excellent, clean, family oriented park. Kentucky Kingdom never compared, even under Ed Hart. The Kentucky Kingdom site is in a bad location with no room for expansion. While it would have been nice for local jobs, I am not all that sad about it not opening .

  2. Oh, please. Save the concern trolling.

    No one here – not writers or commenters – have ever suggested the Koch Family runs a poor shop in Indiana. Quite the contrary.

    But we HAVE been discussing this matter with Bluegrass Boardwalk since February – well before Ed Hart ever opened his mouth. And we’ve been covering Kentucky Kingdom for several years.

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