Health Care? Interesting How That Worked

Seems like it was just yesterday that Todd P’Pool and other Republicans were going crazy over health care reform.

And just like that, the Supreme Court of the United States of America upheld it all.

Looks like there may still be a rule of law that goes beyond partisanship.

Mouth-breathers freaking out in 3, 2….

UPDATE: Here’s what John Yarmuth has to say about today’s SCOTUS decision —

“Today, the Supreme Court made a decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act that is in step with the Constitution and the majority of Americans.

“The law lowers costs, strengthens care, and – once fully implemented – will guarantee all Americans access to quality, affordable coverage while creating nearly 6 million new jobs in the health care sector. It is already saving seniors hundreds of dollars in prescription drug costs while offering free preventive services such as cancer screenings and routine vaccinations.

“Children can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition – a protection that will be extended to all Americans in 2014. More than 3 million young people have been able to obtain insurance through their parents’ plan. And hundreds of thousands of small businesses have used tax credits provided under the law to provide coverage for 2 million workers.

“During my time in Congress, an overwhelming majority of Louisvillians have told me they want guaranteed access to health care, lower premium costs, and more choice in the insurance market. The Affordable Care Act accomplishes each of these goals. Casting my vote in favor of the law was my proudest moment in Congress, and today I join millions of Americans to celebrate again.”

23 thoughts on “Health Care? Interesting How That Worked

  1. Jake, you as a businessman should be tore up over this decision. It has nothing to do with mouth-breathers–explain to your non-mouth-breather readers how this will be paid for. And explain to your readers that whose earnings are on the lower end of the spectrum, with no benefits, how they should pay for this, or even better yet, tell them WHY they should be forced by law to do so.

  2. You’re right, the tax penalty is not a penalty–what is it then?

    What happened today is going to cause the opposite of what Yarmuth claims. It is going to reduce coverage and increase costs. I encourage anyone to tell me how adding 6,000,000 additional jobs, in an already extremely costly industry, is going to decrease costs (is your calculator even capable of roughly calculating what the annual number would be to employ an additional 6,000,000 peope?).

    How many of these jobs are going to be directly involved with patients as opposed to administrative jobs that offer no benefit to patients. How many of these jobs are going to be government jobs? How many new IRS employees are going to be hired to make sure people pay the penalty that is not a penalty? How is this not going to drive up costs, just as the warfare industry has done with the military?

  3. Yesterday the Obama haters were dancing in the street that Obama care was going to be struck down. Today, they are all ready to leave the planet.

  4. As the owner of a small business since 1985, I have paid my own health insurance. Before that every emploer I worked for paid a substantial portion of my health insurance. Taking responsibility for your health is essential–the so-called “healthy” 26 year old can have an accident tomorrow and need more than “basic” health care. Unless you are wealthy, you must have some kind of health insurance–and I haven’t noticed any of our senators or members of congress turning down what is the by far the most inclusive health insurance in the nation. When we finally decide to join the rest of the developed world and provide basic health care for all, some people will still be grumbling.

  5. This has nothing to do with healthcare…this has to do with health insurance!!! We were all simply handed to the insurance companies on a silver platter!!! According to the media, people are having a hard time keeping a roof over their heads and food in their bellies; however, now they are supposed to cough up money to buy health insurance or cough up money to pay a tax if they don’t? Oh that’s right, fiscal liberals think money grows on trees!!! Eye roll…

  6. Maybe the groundwork for this compassionate, common-sense health insurance law should have been laid at the beginning of this century, with all services – especially “emergency” – being DENIED to anyone who couldn’t pay cash up front or who had income over a certain threshold yet had “declined” to purchase health insurance.
    Every day – sometimes several times a day – our “breaking news” stories include accounts of injured people being taken to the hospital – no info on whether they are covered by any type of health/accident insurance, nor follow-up on their total medical expenses & how much remains unpaid…
    Yet it is NOT the “American way” to refuse to treat the injured, even those who are uninsured BY CHOICE.
    (Nevermind that my brother was refused treatment for a broken leg on the grounds that he had outstanding hospital bills – despite being covered by Social Security Disability. He died in an apartment fire about a wk. later due to his inability to escape.)
    (Nevermind that my beloved son died in Dec. due to his delaying medical attention out of his fear of incurring outlandish medical expenses, since he had lost his job that had given him health insurance & income.)

  7. I would still like some idea of the “political breakdown” of people – individuals, parents, “children” under 26 – who are ALREADY RECEIVING the benefits of certain specific new provisions under this health care law.
    Or did those with rabid “political objections” REFUSE to enroll their family members with pre-existing conditions, DECLINE to provide health insurance to their young adult children by telling them to get their own if they can, REFUSE to accept the new prescription discounts for seniors…?

    As far as families already in need, it is my understanding that they will be given financial help to meet the need of obtaining health insurance. Which will make for healthier, longer-living workers & taxpayers.

  8. Cathi, What planet are you living on–I don’t think the current plan is even close to perfect, but health care and health insurance are directly related. You either have enough money to pay for health care or you buy insurance or you become a burden on the rest of us because you don’t take repsonsibility for yourself.

  9. My interpretation of the rights to “life, libery, and the pursuit of happiness” includes basic healthcare. A single payer system would provde that and you could buy or not all the additional private insurance you can afford.

  10. I live on planet Earth and I didn’t say they weren’t directly related. I merely stated the obvious…we did not get health care reform, we are now being forced to buy a product, health insurance. What part of that don’t you understand? Try getting out of the wind for a little while…

  11. What about food, food is a basic necessity. Why isn’t the “gubmint” providing that for everybody? And we need water too, why isn’t the “gubmint” paying that bill for everybody? Where does the line get drawn???

  12. Dear, Cathi. Not “everybody” needs the government to provide them with food. Some people do need it, and it gets provided. Those of us without children do not need public schools. Should we do away with those? Those of us who don’t have an armed intruder kicking our front door in don’t really need a police department or prosecutors. Those of us who fly helicopters to work don’t need the government to pave those roads and fix potholes and build bridges.

    Some of us believe that Government does have a role to play, especially in looking out for those who fall between cracks.

    Obviously, we can’t count always count on people (the weak or the powerful) to do the right thing on their own.

    And, Cathi, by the way, the Louisville Water Company is providing FREE WATER for people downtown today because some people might need hydration on a 100-plus degree day. I carry my own water bottle. Not everyone does. I’m glad the “gubmint” as you call it, is offering water to some people, probably some of whom don’t have health insurance and may head to the ER for heat exhaustion-related treatment.

  13. Dear Jesus (I love typing that) About those armed intruders kicking in doors and cops and prosecutors and government and such…Are you OK with me having the opportunity/right to maybe handle that situation personal firearm wise , and then calling the cops to handle the body(ies) afterwards? Blessed be your name.

  14. What are we going to do when the number of people who “decide” they want the gubmint to provide things for them, as opposed to providing for themselves, exceeds the number of people who “decide” to provide it for themselves??? Because that is exactly what it is most of the time, a decision, or a series of bad decisions. I do not fault those who LEGITIMATELY need help of any kind! But their numbers are much smaller than the rolls currently handle. I agree the government has a role, but it should be much SMALLER than it currently is. Public schools and police departments are not a good example of a “pure” public good for the reason you pointed out; national defense, on the other hand, is. I’m sure Obama and his supporters would like to take credit for the Louisville Water Company’s decision to provide free water on the hottest days of the year. However, it is simply called “Good Will”. There is a line on their tax forms to deduct for that, you know 😉

  15. The bar has been set for all future presidents and congresses to bare face lie to the American people during debate about how a bill is going to be funded, as long as it’s eventually found constitutional.

    I expect now that the Democrats will fully support the Republicans when they do the same thing in the future. Also, I don’t want to hear a peep out of liberals about Bush lying to go into Iraq since lying to the American Public is absolutely permissible now.

    The ends justifies the means when you like the outcome. Obama and the Democrats own this now. Any adverse impact to unemployment numbers or the economy from the legislation over the next 5 years they own 100%. The ruling today took the Republicans off the hook completely. The goodies are great, wait until some people don’t get a tax refund in 2014.

  16. And yet again Rand Paul is embarrassing Kentucky with his comments about the Supreme Court and its decision.

  17. Healthcare is beside the point now. The SCOTUS set a precedent that the gubmint can force us to make purchases whether we want them or not. If we refuse, one would pay a fine. And the dems bitched and moaned against John Roberts. Now he is Obama’s bestus friend. GOP, watch what you wish for.

  18. As a Six year cancer survivor, I applaud the Supreme Court decision in this matter. Now at least I will be able to continue to purchase insurance as I have for the last 45 years. Thanks to President Obama and the Democrats who made this possible.

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