Greg Fischer: The City’s Newest Bridge Whisperer?

Here’s everybody’s best gal pal, Greg Fischer, saying something on Facebook about the bridges that maybe doesn’t sit well with everybody:

“Bridges enjoying Waterfront Wednesday and a nice sunset….”

Because we’ve received more than 20 emails complaining about the post and the Ohio River Bridges Debacle.

No mention by Fischer of multiple recent gang attacks at Waterfront Park, though.

4 thoughts on “Greg Fischer: The City’s Newest Bridge Whisperer?

  1. LMAS is serious need of fosters but Fischy would rather post about cheese! WTF! he sure had no problem posting a few days ago his support of Humane Society! Pets, elderly and the homeless are at-risk with this weather but he posts about bridges talking to him and cheese. It has become so pathetic that I almost think this guy is legally brain dead

  2. I check out Fischers page once a month just to see the goofy pictures he post. I don’t get on FB much. I have thought about commenting on some of the goofy stuff. but to be honest it would just be a waste of my time. I wish they/he wouldn’t delete comments. I would love to see all the stuff people write good and bad.

  3. On the other hand, I heard through the grapevine that Betty Younis got the heave ho. After costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements, she is finally gone.

  4. The guy is a joke. I don’t care if it is an R or D. Who opposes Fischer has my vote and will get my money. Same for shows King and the rest of the cowards on MC. They all deserve to be booted out for their deafening silence on Dr. Upholster

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