City Is Really Compassionate With Its Shootings

Here’s what John Yarmuth had to say about the selection of the new VA hospital site: “After a thorough review process that included public input from veterans, community leaders, and residents in the area, the VA has decided to move forward with the next phase of building a new, cutting-edge medical facility for our veterans,” Yarmuth said. “I have received personal assurances from Secretary Shinseki that the VA will continue to work with the state to mitigate traffic congestion in the area and any other concerns. The decision to build the new hospital at the Brownsboro Road/Watterson Expressway site ensures that state-of-the-art health care will be available as quickly as possible for current and future veterans.” [Press Release]

It’s absolutely hot as balls at the moment so please be sure you’re paying extra attention to meemaw and poppop. [FOX41]

What the hell is “chief of strategic initiatives” and why does metro government need one for $113,000 per year? Greg Fischer is worse than Jefferson County Public Schools when it comes to creating silly jobs. [C-J/AKN]

Another day, another shooting in Louisville’s West End. Somebody ask Greg Fischer how he feels about that “compassionate” hype now. [WHAS11]

Here’s a tiny bit more on the position. Go ahed and let your outrage begin to fester. [WFPL]

That crazy constable who shot a woman was offered a plea deal yesterday. Though, details of the deal haven’t even been leaked. [WAVE3]

The Jefferson County/Louisville Democratic Party voted 16-3 to push for gay marriage. Unfortunately, it’s the only Democratic group in Kentucky that’s less influential than the party in Frankfort. At least that local party has more guts than the state party. [WLEX18]

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is horribly wrong about the realities facing Kentucky Retirement Systems. [Page One]

Questions remain after an off-duty Louisville firefighter was hit while on his bike. This is why Louisville can’t have nice things. [WLKY]

The Kentucky State Fair Board has approved the sale of the state-owned land under the Hyatt Regency Louisville hotel for $8 million. [Business First]

5 thoughts on “City Is Really Compassionate With Its Shootings

  1. re: Wiederwohl

    “…The position will focus on integrating policy, improving local, state and federal governments relations and communicating them into the city’s long-term plan…”

    What? That’s just tossing a handful of fashionable ‘ing’ words into the air and writing them down in the order they fell.

  2. This 65-yr-old has perfectly intact & functioning sweat glands, thank you very much. And each one has been dripping, nay, POURING in this week’s unrelenting sun! In the shade, not so much.
    And my nearly 87-yr-old mother assures me her glands still tell her when to give in to air conditioning.

    –I thought the majority of current Vets, especially those already receiving VA services, wanted THEIR facility to remain at its present Zorn Ave. site – with improvements. ‘Course the Blues didn’t figure out how to profit from THAT…

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