When Will Barbara Start Yelling At TV Reporters?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is calling for a new study of a Louisville landfill because of new reports of waste found during routine monitoring. [H-L]

Surely everybody else is about to gouge their eyes out over the non-stop obsession of teevee newsers with the MIlton-Madison bridge. [WAVE3]

Even more weird: The new owner of WBKI has entered into an agreement with WDRB to handle sales, promotion, accounting and such. [Press Release]

This story about a gross funeral home director in Southern Indiana is enough to make your skin crawl. [FOX41]

Some six thousand years ago, when George Washington and Jesus were walking through colonial Williamsburg with their friends the dinosaurs, our Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution laying out a broad vision for what government should and shouldn’t do in a free country. (Pro-tip: it’s about Kentucky Fried Chicken and is hilarious.) [Wonkette]

Now compassionate, possibility city is resorting to spray painting racial slurs. This time at Valley High School. [WHAS11]

Way to go, Louisville, yet another shooting. Such a compassionate city filled with compassionate compassion. [C-J/AKN]

Maybe the Red Cross wouldn’t have to issue emergency calls for blood and platelets if the gays weren’t prohibited from donating. [WLKY]

Good news for foodies in Southern Indiana. The former Shrader Stables building in downtown New Albany will serve as the new location for The Exchange pub + kitchen, as the establishment will move from its spot off Grant Line Road in the coming months. [News & Tribune]

Bad news for Downtown Louisville. Yet another short-lived chain – Smoothie King – is being opened by Cordish Cos. Probably because no local business wants to get taken for a ride on rent and property management shenanigans. [Business First]

We told you yesterday that Barbara Shanklin is taking plays directly from Judy Green’s playbook. Here’s a deeper look at her decision to spend $5,000 of your tax dollars on the local religions radio station in an attempt to make herself look better. [WFPL]

4 thoughts on “When Will Barbara Start Yelling At TV Reporters?

  1. Another day of total silence from MC members, Mayor’s office and main stream media. I guess the voters will have to hold these folks accountable. Jim proves he’s gutless, other MC members are just sheep, Fischy likes to attend concerts (Counting Crows) and use social media to boastr about it. By the way Fischy, you look like a used q-tip. Get off the stage and the pages of the Voice and start doing your job. Now we have gangs in our million-dollar parks and you are joke. Love how you promote Ky. Humane Society on facebook (I took a screenshot so you won’t delete it) but do absolutely nothing to promote LMAS. Scroll through his tweets and fb posts, the guy literally has done done nothing. Not a single thing. Should be easy to vote out of office.

  2. Most of the other Metro Council members refuse to speak up. because half of them are probably just as guilty as Shanklin when it comes to abusing their positions. why throw a match on a fire when you are covered in gasoline

  3. they are all cowards and i look forward to submitting Open Records requests to figure out who knew what when and just what MC members are using our money on. Tickets to fundraisers like Zoofari??? Family and friends?? Odd staff expenditures? Hell Richieeeee is thinking he could be a council critter with self absorbed and stupid behavior that goes on…all unchecked by anybody.

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