Will Locals Even Notice The Insight-TW Transition?

This will be happening more and more in the Louisville market beginning in 3, 2… [NYT]

Did you hear? We’re all supposed to pretend everything is suddenly puppies and rainbows at Metro Animal Services. Despite reality being, you know, way more bleak. Flowers on a desk and a few new cat boxes doesn’t change much. [FOX41]

Why, yes, the Board of Education met in secret to evaluate superintendent Donna Hargens. Will her questionable hires be an issue or will the Board just wink and nod? [Toni Konz]

Not even trains want to be in Southern Indiana these days. This one burst into flames in New Albany. [WAVE3]

What kind of person steals a sick cat’s donation jar money? The kind of person who needs to be kicked in the face, obviously. [WKYT]

Yep, it was another great day at the University of Louisville. With flooding causing flashbacks to 2009 and a even a few buildings suffering damage. [WHAS11]

Here’s how the Lexington media is looking at the Passport audit we mentioned last evening on Page One. [H-L]

Attica – or as Greg Fischer calls her, Atticus – Scott hosted a meeting to discuss violence in the West End. [WLKY]

Like we’ve said for months, breaking Passport up is going to lead to Medicaid problems like the rest of the state is currently facing. Leave it to Kentucky, though, to always toss out what works. [WFPL]

First, it was FOX41 losing “FOX” and becoming just WDRB. Now they’re about to get dropped by Time Warner for demanding more money. [Business First]

Can you imagine what Louisville could accomplish if Greg Fischer hadn’t given all that Bloomberg cash to Lexington? [C-J/AKN]

Indiana realizes an East End bridge is the most important bridge needed in the metro area. Kentucky? Haha, yeah, still dragging its feet. [News & Tribune]

3 thoughts on “Will Locals Even Notice The Insight-TW Transition?

  1. “Security is Job One at UofL”

    JR aide: “Looks like our plan for protecting the campus from flooding didn’t work.”

    JR: “Another PR blow, but we can withstand it. Call it another act of God.”

    JR aide: “What precisely went wrong with our plan?”

    JR: “There was none.”

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