Why Do Fern Creek Kids Need Guns, Anyway?

It’s always nice to see Kentucky artists getting lots of national recognition. So take a look at these ten Kentucky bands you should listen to now. [Paste Magazine]

Yesterday, LG&E announced the retirement of Chip Keeling as Vice President of Communications. His replacement will be Chris Whelan. Guess that little incident turned out to be a problem. [Press Release]

Let’s see how East End White Fear impacts the Brownsboro Road sidewalk project. Yes, East End White Fear. [FOX41]

Here’s your friend, Jim Peden, once again trying to mess with housing code. First, he didn’t want to be around poor people. Now? He doesn’t want Louisville to grow. [C-J/AKN]

John Yarmuth doesn’t hate the gays: “As a strong supporter of marriage equality, I am proud that President Obama has joined the millions of Americans committed to equal rights and fairness for all our citizens,” Yarmuth said. “This is a historic day for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples and their families across our country.” [Press Release]

You can’t even send your kids to school in Fern Creek these days without gun fears. [WAVE3]

Even Clear Channel’s Mandy Connell knows the gays aren’t second-class citizens. [Twitter]

Other media outlets should sack up and point out that Wes Jackson is clueless when it comes to integrity and standards of, you know, other media outlets. WFPL’s folks did so on Twitter but didn’t on their own site. [WFPL]

Here’s a solid look at Sarah Lynn Cunningham, the non-establishment candidate who has spent her entire life fighting against corruption. Her role as MSD whistleblower is still major. [CN|2]

Be honest. Did you roll your eyes a little bit when you learned Jim Host had resigned as chairman of the arena authority? [C-J/AKN]

Greg Fischer is really mad at people who camp out and complain about him. So he’s going to “ban” them. Because his time couldn’t be better spent focusing on the city’s actual needs. [WFPL]

A grand jury indicted three men Wednesday on murder and other felony charges in the weekend death of a Frankfort man, Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton said. [H-L]

Louisville’s tourist economy would be much more healthy if it focused on the rest of the state instead of just Louisville. You wouldn’t believe how impossible it’s been to get places like the Science Center and Belle of Louisville to realize there are people who live in the rest of the state with lots of cash and no idea Louisville exists. [Business First]

5 thoughts on “Why Do Fern Creek Kids Need Guns, Anyway?

  1. Louisville could really improve its tourist trade if it stopped tearing down everything that makes it unique and promoted local restaurants and businesses instead of mini Hard Rock Cafes and Joe’s Crab Shacks. I mean, who wants to bother coming here for cheap versions of crap when bigger and glitzier versions of that and a lot more are available in LA or New York? We almost lost St. James Court. It’s a wonder we still have Churchill Downs.

  2. Mandy may have lost some followers due to her position on gays. One of my FB “friends” (a former classmate) berated her online yesterday, suggesting she move to California, & declaring that she would no longer listen to her show!

  3. When I linked to the story on Cunningham I was disappointed to see a photo showing her in my own community — yet I was totally unaware that she had planned to appear here. So a missed opportunity to meet the candidate.

  4. The ‘medicine oil’ salesman never ‘sticks around.’ He’s got another town to go to and another bottle of ‘medicine oil’ to sell. This one’s finished around here, collected all the Man of the Year awards, World’s Greatest trophies and a plaque or two. Now it’s up to us to figure out how a $350 million arena can be paid for when its prime tenant is a non-taxable charity (a/k/a a university).
    Only in Kaintuckie could something this bizarre occur.

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