What If UofL Had Merged With Those Hospitals?

Why is it, exactly, no one in the mainstream media wants to talk about Jewish Hospital/Kentucky One closing entire units and laying people off? Many now-former employees receiving severance packages were forced to sign agreements that they wouldn’t speak publicly about the closure of their unit and loss of their job. [Deep Hospital Thoughts]

The public has until June 3 to comment on the environmental review of the Ohio River Bridges Debacle. Which means absolutely nothing. [C-J/AKN]

The only thing that’s sad here is that faith leaders from a community that has been on the receiving end of sickening oppression would continue advocating homophobia. [FOX41]

We’re not sure how horses have anything to do with Mother’s Day but whatever. The newspaper seems to think it’s a big deal. [H-L]

You can’t even live on Bardstown Road these days without an LG&E worker hitting a gas line. [WAVE3]

Three years ago, President Obama was rolling out an ambitious vision for high-speed rail in America. “Imagine whisking through towns at speeds over 100 mph,” the president said at the time. Today, there are a few Amtrak trains going that fast, but for the most part, the president’s plans for high-speed trains have slowed considerably. [NPR]

Churchill Downs is seeing its shortest spring meet since 1975 and some in the horse industry say the meets could get even shorter. [WHAS11]

Haha, so, funny story… A Kentucky Newspaper’s telephone system didn’t even work after it recklessly and confusingly announced paywalls and subscription price increases. Also, Wes Jackson is pushing the paper because of it’s “coupon savings.” These folks are doing a real disservice to the hardworking people employed by the paper and the community in general. [C-J/AKN]

Wondering about the latest Medicaid dramas out in the rest of the state? Here’s a look at one bit. [WLKY]

Everybody is freaking completely out over the latest news about Whiskey Row. [Business First]

The homicide of a Churchill Downs worker, 48 year old Adan Fabian Perez of Guatemala, the day after Derby has raised questions about the culture of backside work at racetracks. [WFPL]

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  1. Good thing the hospital merger fell apart. Jewish stole around millions for CHA when they took over St Mary’s and the other CHA properties.

  2. I read the Cj for the obituaries. I guess i will soon be reading about the death of a newspaper.

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