Sometimes You Have To Feel A Bit Sorry For Them

How do you know the C-J folks aren’t really hep to technology?

No, not because they paper is going to contain even more syndicated junk.


We also are building two new digital sites that will be constantly updated with news, video, tweets and blogs. One will serve as a valuable resource to help you stay healthy and fit, including advice on aging well. The other will help you boost your economic intelligence and improve your standard of living.

Yep – they’re assuming a post on a blog = blogs. Blog is short for weblog. Meaning a single publication. Articles on blogs are typically referred to as posts, stories, articles, whatever. Not blogs. Because they’re not blogs themselves. They’re part of a blog.

Semantics, sure. But we all know there’s at least one bloated reporter who spends his entire life emailing us when we leave out a letter or spell a name incorrectly.

This whole push by Gannett smells… desperate, to say the least. It’s unfair to the people who work hard to continue trying to create a paper that’s worth reading. Definitely unfair to the handful of reporters who still do a solid job.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Feel A Bit Sorry For Them

  1. It seems desperate because it is. The idiots at Gannett, Clear Channel, and other national media companies didn’t realize papers and radio had an audience because they were local. TV Stations and sites like yours are filling the void they left behind.

    What Gannett doesn’t seem to realize or care about is that most of the people who still get the paper are older and don’t care to read it online. And most of us who are younger MIGHT pay for it if we got something out of it we don’t get from other websites.

    If Gannett were smart, they’d have redesigned their horrible website to make local news and information more easy to find and they’d have also created decent mobile apps for their content. Instead they’re making a move that’s designed to irritate the customers of both the paper edition and the online edition.

    Frankly, I like the idea someone proposed of creating a USA Today with a local insert. I’ve always liked the USA Today and would be more likely to subscribe to IT than a local paper with almost no content worth reading on the first few days of the week.

  2. I ditto all that!….The C-J is garbage anymore!…They are so scewed on their positions…It’s not even worth reeading…I got tired of them just Telling me What They Wanted instead of simply reporting!…i cancelled that POS….

  3. It started with “McNews (USA Today) which skimmed over any real reporting and always left you wanting to know “the rest of the story” – NOT a good strategy, but inexpensive to produce for customers. Now the Gannett virus has affected the Courier-Journal – sorry to see it end this way. RIP, C-J…

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