Some Fancy LMEMS & Teamsters Stuff To Share

We hear through the chattervine that Teamsters (national) gutted Local 783 yesterday.

Apparently the organization decided it was time to castrate local organizations that didn’t support national leaders in their last election.

On a semi-related note, LMEMS is doing a “national search” for a new Car 1. That’s because Neal Richmond ran the last guy off.

It should be noted that the last “national search” conducted yielded Neal Richmond. And you know how that’s worked out.

Possibility City!

5 thoughts on “Some Fancy LMEMS & Teamsters Stuff To Share

  1. Richmond is the head of the agency.

    Craig Rodgers is the now-former x2 Car 1. He was brought back in an effort to convince LMEMS that the Richmond/Miller team gave a shit. Then he decided to retire (again) last month after he got tired of the Richmond disaster. They got nasty with him and wouldn’t even let him collect his belongings when he gave his notice.

    As one insider put it to me recently, “Richmond was hired with NO management experience, Miller is a lawyer that has never practiced law and they are making LMEMS into a place that has a experience level average of less than 5 years. The most experienced are getting out as soon as they can, and most of the better EMTs and Paramedics in the state will not consider apply”ing here.

    That’s why Louisville can’t have nice things.

  2. Richmond always refers to himself as Car 1 – he would never let anyone else be #1 ahead of him. Craig KNOWS EMS, he should have been given the top spot, but he doesn’t have the academic credentials, unfortunately, that they thought they needed.

    Sadly, for years, they turned away experienced paramedics from other agencies that wanted to apply saying they didn’t have enough “high volume” experience. Now, they are begging those same people to apply, and they are smart enough to say – NO WAY.

  3. Richmond is MD 1, the director of operations is Car 1. The job is posted as Assisstant Director. The pay rate is laughable for this national search. Between that and their current administration, LMEMS will not see any to flight candidates apply.

  4. Who all did they gut at local 783 ? I guess all the patting on the back calling each other brother doesn’t help when you don’t vote correctly.

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